Network error: Please check your internet connection [Resolved]

Hi Roon Team,

I’m having this issue on my roon server. I’m trying to install 1.3 clean. but even 1.2 also has the same issue. It started last night. and still not able to connect. but my computer is connected to the internet for sure.

Does the data center ok? I was trying to download the 1.3 but it got cancel

Can you tell us the details of your setup? Thanks!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I was able to get the logfile and please see attached.

I looked and it mention is missing rasapi.dll any suggestion to fix this issue.


Hi @Awan ---- Again, thank you for the feedback. I would like to bring this information to my tech team but I am certain they will need the details of your setup in order to proceed with trying to get this resolved for you.

Would kindly please provide the information that is being requested in Mike’s response to you and we can begin to get this figured out. Many thanks!


Current setup:
Windows 10 Pro (Roon Server) - USB Dac (Chord Dave)
Ipad Roon Remote
Very simple setup

Hi @Awan – we can definitely look into this but we need a few more details, ok?

Can you describe your network and how everything is connected, as described here? Are there any firewalls, proxies, VPN’s, or anything else on your network?

Also, can you post a screenshot of the error? Thanks!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the help. I finally re-install windows 10 and it seem working now.
I have no idea what is the issue. but it is all good. Thanks for taking the issue early on.


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