New Airport Express firmware 7.8 not working with Roon

In the absence of a reply, I updated the firmware of my Airport Express to Version 7.8. That rendered it invisible to Roon. So I rolled back to the previous firmware version and normal service was resumed.

I noticed this too. After upgrading Roon to build 354, all Airplay devices on the network that are Airplay 2 only disappeared from Roon as an endpoint option. For my network, that includes not only two Airports but also my Marantz 7703 pre pro that had been recently upgraded to Airplay 2. An older Denon X2000 receiver on my network is still seen by Roon for Airplay. My three Apple TVs (tvOS 12.01) are still available for Roon since I guess they support both Airplay versions.

I use an Airport Express’ optical output to input to my NAD D-3220 amplifier in my kitchen. Obviously I don’t want to replace the NAD setup but I could live with another ROON endpoint to feed into the NAD. Are there any equivalent alternatives to AirportExpress’ that can be used to stream to the NAD.

Will Roon ever support the 2nd gen apple airport express 802.11n with airplay 2 firmware 7.8? Does roon support other airplay 2 devices?


Me too troubles with Airplay under 7.8 software. Please FIX.

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Hi everyone,

We’ve just released build 363 of Roon which includes a change to address playback issues to devices that support Airplay2. Note that Roon does not support Airplay2 — This change addresses devices that recently added Airplay2 support. Please take a look at the release notes below and give the update a try.

Yes, Airplay 2 devices are now working…both for my Marantz 7703 with latest firmware as well as my Airport Express with v7.8 firmware. Thanks, guys!

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