New Bug in 1.8 - 778: Artist Appearances no longer show on artist page and discography [Resolved - B790]

It’s quite screwy. I have no external services enabled.
I look at the credits for my library copy of Linda May Han Oh’s “Walk Against Wind” album, and see the guitarist Matthew Stevens. I click on Stevens, and on his Artist page I see his Main albums and just two Appearances. But the album I clicked from, Walk Against Wind, isn’t one of the Appearances! (and he has a lot more than two Appearances in my library)

Another issue (which may be a different bug altogether) - clicking on artist Calibre shows I have zero releases by him, yet still shows his top tracks. I have over 40 releases by him… only way to get to his albums are via the album page or by clicking thru top tracks to get to his releases:

Oh, and yes he still tagged as primary artist on all those releases, so it doesn’t seem to be a case of missing metadata.

Countless other examples where I have checked the metadata of certain performers, the data is there but they still don’t show under appearances. Frustrating…

I no longer see any appearances, only main albums, show up on an artist page.


Well spotted! I have the very same problem. Maybe a freshly introduced new bug?

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I just looked at Carlos Mena (countertenor) as I listened to him yesterday. I had yesterday 2 main Albums and 4 Appearances. Now I only get 2 main albums, no appearances.

He’s definitely singing on more sets under Conductor Pierlot, but is not credited as “Main artist”

there was a “Main Artist” section and an “Appearances” section afaicr
If I look at discography, I do get a section “With Pierlot”. If I limit to Library, All I get is this:

Definitely not right.

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So this specifically is about albums of an artist which are included in the library as shown in the ‘Overview’ tab of the artist’s page. The problem then seems to be that on an artist’s page, the ‘Albums in my library’ header doesn’t show anymore those albums where an artist is credited for appearing, even if these albums are included in the library.

As for albums not included in the library, the Overview tab differentiates clearly between recommended ‘Main albums’ and ‘Appearances’. So does the Discography tab.


That seems to be the more precise description of the issue. I update my report accordingly.

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Yes, it was always on the Overview tab. I don’t have any external services turned on, so there is no discography tab at all.

Every artist I look at has Main Albums, no appearances. In Focus view, as well, there used to be, in the left-most column, a choice between Main Albums and Appearances. Now, just Main Album.



I can’t replicate this problem. I just looked up ‘Miles Davis’, later ‘John Coltrane’. In both cases, the ‘Overview’ tab of the artist’s page shows me the lists of ‘Albums in my library’ and ‘Appearances in my library’…

I do use Tidal, and part of the albums in my library of both artists are local, the other part from Tidal.

Yes, Roon shows a few albums in “Appearances in my library” for John Coltrane, but doesn’t show “Kind of Blue”, that is definitely in my library.

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Thats pointing to the very same issue, I’d guess

Perhaps it somehow depends on the different versions of the albums. For example, Roon sees that “Kind of Blue” is in my library in Miles Davis’s discography, but it shows another version in “With Miles Davis” section in John Coltrane’s discography.

One more update from me:

finding this behaviour very inconsistent. Some artists (like mentioned in my post above with Horace Andy) only show a few appearances, though he has more in my library.

Others show zero appearances, even though they used to. (for example, Drexciya was tagged as a performer on many different aliases they released under which I had in my library)

Other albums show as appearances only under certain group members’ artist pages, but not others. This is despite all group members being tagged consistently. (For example, Mark Ernestus’ page shows “with Rhythm & Sound”, but Moritz von Oswald’s does not).

Examples too numerous to screenshot. Again, all my content is local.

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yep, I havent fully figured out any pattern here. looks pretty screwed…

It would be great if someone from @support came on to this thread and simply acknowledged that they are aware of it.

This is a very bad bug.

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I am sure they will eventually but tbh we all only noticed this 2 or 3 hours ago…

Since, I haven’t updated, Appearances were in Overview, for me, stuck under a “Show More” click line to expose the Appearances. The selected option remains sticky. Under discography, it does display both when In Library is selected. So, I would say a new bug.

Maybe you can help expedite this to the right level of competence within Roon for swift resolution. We dont like too much to wait another four weeks for this to get fixed :blush:

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Well, bbrip, as you know us mods are just volunteers, so, I don’t have anyway of escalating that you do not have as well. Other users in this thread have already pinged support directly, so I think that they are seeing this and passing it on to the dev guys.