New build issues! [Resolved]

I updated to the new build with this past week and now most of my tracks are on the wrong albums as well as the track being played are displayed under the wrong title! What a damn shame!!!


Oh dear that does not sound good, let’s tag @support to follow up with you.

In the meantime could you briefly describe your Roon setup (as described here) which will helpful for support.

The other thing that support may ask, is do you have a backup of the Roon database.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for the reply. My set up consist of MacBook Pro macOS Sierra 10.12.6>Roon+Tidal>Sonore microRendu>SU-1>Holo Spring DAC>HeadAmp BHSE/GS-X mk2.

After having this issue last night, I uninstalled Roon from my MBP and downloaded it again, but this did not resolve my issue. I also can’t Is there a way that you can uninstall Roon for me so I start over fresh, which is what I would like to do?

And yes, I do have a backup of Roon on a G-Drive.

Thank you,

Have a look at this guide.


I was looking for the folder last night, but couldn’t find it. I now see the RAAT server folder by following the steps you provided. The way I thought I uninstalled Roon was only by deleting it from my “applications”. Can I delete this folder and download Roon again and start over fresh?

Thank you very much,

If you follow the guide and delete the Roon folder then you will have completely removed Roon, you can then download it again. Any db backups will need to copied into place after.

Example procedure below.

The databases, settings, and artwork live in the /Users/USERNAME/Library/Roon folder.

To get there:

Open Finder and click Go in the top bar
Hold down the Alt key to unhide the Library folder
Click the Library folder
Find and delete (or rename) the Roon folder
Depending on how you configured Roon, there might also be a /Users/USERNAME/Music/Roon folder.

Also, just drag the Roon or Roon Server application to the trash.

If you delete those folders you should be all set!

I’m not too sure what you mean by[quote=“Ratbert, post:6, topic:30134”]
Any db backups will need to copied into place after.

I do understand the rest of your instructions, though.

I thought once I trash the “RAAT server” folder (which is the only folder I see regarding Roon) and download Roon again, my library would automatically be imported to Roon like when I initially downloaded Roon?

Thank you,

EDIT: I also see a “Roon” folder as well.


I’ve deleted both folders mentioned above and have successfully imported my library to Roon as I initially did from the start. Thank you very much for your excellent instructions and advice, I greatly appreciate you resolving my issue!!! Have a great day, and thanks again!!!



Thank you as well for responding to my e-mail promptly, and directing me to the support page. I greatly appreciate it as well!

Thank again,

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