New Denon Home Announcement

So I’ve just received an email from denon showing their new whole home wireless system, still based off of HEOS but with airplay 2 and new hardware.

In their promotion video at the very end you can see the Roon logo!

Will these work with full Roon support or does it just piggy back off airplay 2?


Here it is.

Yup around the 40 second mark I see the list and Roon is definitely on there. I was ready to put some cash down on some of the Bluesound speakers, but this looks far more interesting. Especially if I can control through Roon. The HEOS app is yucky.

Also would like to know. HEY ROON Devs…hook a brotha up with some knowledge, please.

Hello All,

I run the partner programs here at Roon Labs.

We are currently working with the Sound United team to add the HEOS line to the Roon Tested family of products.

If you zoom-in, you will see that is a Roon Tested logo in the Youtube video. That means this would be an Airplay and/or USB integration, depending on the device.

Note that this is not yet announced on our end, so they’ve let the cat out of the bag. If you were to hook up one of these devices this moment, you wouldn’t get the full RT treatment, but it’ll come soon.

We can’t speak for any partner in regards to future development or timelines, so you will need to ask them about any Roon Ready plans.


Thank you Darling :smirk:

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This is great news. I have multiple heos devices and have been trying to control them through an extension and the CLI - can’t wait to see what will be possible with a real integration!

If its Airplay integration, most Heos devices that have Airplay are seen by Roon as Airplay endpoints already. Nothing really new. Native integration would be ideal imo.

yeah, airplay integration doesn’t do it for me to i’m afraid to buy into their software again.

If it is an AirPlay-based integration, does AirPlay allow for any quality/file type to be transmitted?

What I like about my HEOS setup is the support for HiRes formats, but that lack of native Roon playback has had me considering switching to a different system.

No, 1x max and clocked on the wrong end.


I hope all’s well with you in the current situation.

Has HEOS now been formally certified - I’m seeing press releases that seem to imply it is. Rather important - I have a Marantz PM7000N review in process :slight_smile:



here’s the announcement, but no word on which Denon/Marantz devices are supported.

I might be wrong, but it only mentions ‘Roon Tested’. That’s something else then ‘Roon Ready’.

Audio devices still only show up via airplay sadly.

Heos HS2 devices don’t show up, so it’s not a Heos ecosystem integration. Don’t have a Denon Home, but i’m guesssing that’s via Airplay as well then.

Very disappointing, as their software app is useless and i would have loved to have used Roon for multi-room control.

Here’s an announcement in What Hifi.

If you click though to the Denon & Marantz compatibility lists you’ll see that for most they’re in the ‘airplay’ category, which is a shame.

It is - Roon Tested, not Roon Ready. So Airplay it is, or direct connection to the Roon Core via USB .

The PM7000N I’m looking at has been able to play Roon via Airplay since I got it.

Hi Phil, [watch your youtube all the time, thank you], so if i connected my mac mini [server, plex, etc] via usb to my Denon AVR [compatible] would the sound quality improve over airplay or would the Denon processing just screw it up?

Thank you, Mike

I only wish it were my YouTube channel. The kudos for that is John’s alone. Well maybe with Olaf often on camera and Jana Dagdaden frequently editing.

Re your question, my guess, and I stress guess, is that USB would be the better sounding connection. Don’t take my word for it though. Would it be easy for you to try it if you already have the Mac and Denon? Just a USB cable needed?