New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


(Dick Vliek) #182

(Dick Vliek) #183






Frequent player since release last year…wasn’t really familiar with his material prior, talented songwriter.



Love this really well recorded and exhilarating jazz album. Never heard of this guy before…


Breathtakingly sparse and beautiful.


Like that Nordic Noir, Miklats. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


What an enjoyable romp this is… VM really is relishing his later years. He’s having a blast! Fair play!


A pronounced sense of style, bone-dry grooves, tons of soul and purring irony – these are, quite frankly not typically Teutonic qualities that have made De-Phazz the most famous, unknown music export “Made in Germany”.
De-Phazz’ songs creep into the auditory canals, stimulate brain activity and electrify dancers to shake their legs, are known in Vladivostok as well as in Anchorage, in Ibiza as well as in Kathmandu. By courtesy of smart bartenders, compilations like “Café del Mar” or movie soundtracks, songs like “The Mambo Craze”, “Something Special” or "Cut the Jazz "(played on Spotify 3 million times) went viral when this term was still associated merely with influenza. Baumgartner & Co. have sold over half a million recordings - black-market copies not included - that possibly makes De-Phazz the most burned band in Eastern Europe. The group has so far performed over 600 concerts all over the globe.
There is plenty of reasons to celebrate - but please with taste, noble understatement and a significant portion of self-irony, as befits De-Phazz. “Black White Mono” is the title of the album for the 20th anniversary of the band. But don’t worry: As abridged as the album title and as cool as the art-based Op Art ajar record cover may seem, the music is nothing of the sort…

(JohnV) #195

Slightly off-track. What workflow, more like fun flow, do you use when discovering music? Do you just add everything to the library and listen later, somehow flag a cut in TIDAL and come back, or what?

I find myself REALLY wanting to heart cuts in TIDAL.

Anyway, curious if you’ve developed a strategy. Mine seems so hit-and miss.

(David W) #196

Great new album. Listening right now on Tidal

(David W) #197

Another New album released today.
New group to me, will explore their catalog.
Jazz with Funk, Latin beats


She will be at CTTE 2019.


(Chris ) #200

This is a great listen and it’s in MQA.

It’s not in the Tidal Masters section. It is now…