New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?

(Greg Hill) #201

Nice selection and a couple of unfamiliar ones. I imagine you’re aware of Drinks new lp.
Hecuba is worth a listen

(Greg Hill) #202

Otto :ok_hand: Really lovely


a few tracks in and im hooked…

an honest sound. What could we call it? Neo-blues?


Haha so true…

From the 1st track of the new Arctic Monkeys album:

“Everybody’s on a barge, foating down the endless stream of great TV” … how true. Could be applied to Tidal too…



Another member of the Steve Rothery Band.






This is cool. Mad stuff. Like the bastard child of Captain Beefheart and John Lee Hooker with Lucinda Williams on vocals. Scintillating stuff.


Cheers for this recommendation - it’s superb!

(Martin Webster) #212

Last night I decided to listen to The Best Albums of 2017 (The Guardian) and managed to find all but one on TIDAL, adding around 40 new albums to my collection. No idea what’s in store for me, but looking forward to the weekend.


Nice 1 martin. Look forward to some mini reviews and posts here :wink:

Some good stuff there. I recognise some of them, need to refresh myself with them.

(Mark) #215

I like that a lot. Thank’s for pointing it out.


My pleasure. Sometimes things just grab you. They can even sound offensive or “off” but there’s something about it which makes you think… hmmm… must hear more of that!

(Martin Webster) #217

We’ll see … maybe the highlights.

(Dick Vliek) #218


Hitnmiss here too, lol.

Actually, Ive just signed up for Qobuz for the simple reason it allows one to search within our favourites and also for offline playback on PC (windows) as well as mobile devices, and shows the buffer status for any thing playing, so I can instantly gauge whether it’s a network issue if streaming stops.

As a result, I’ve been revising work flow today in fact. Now I am looking at adding to qobuz any new stuff I see (provided it’s on Qobuz of course) and dowload also for offline play on all devices. Then I can assess at my leisure and I can decide later if i want to add to main collection or ditch.

Will see how it goes. Offline play on all devices is really a main feature for me.


Enjoying this NMA album from 2016. A band which completely passed me by. Quite like the prog-earnest feel. Better than expected. Funny how some groups one has never listened to defy expectation completely. Like the reality of what someone looks like after you’ve only spoken to them on the phone for years :slight_smile: