New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?

(Mark Edwards) #161

I’m also liking Widowspeak, they have more recent album as well.


Duos from a thousand years of musical history for young people aged from 0 to 100.
“Consider everything an experiment. One shouldn‘t go to the woods looking for something, but rather to see what is there. Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating”. John Cage
Over the past few years, Patricia Kopatchinskaja has exploded the norms of the classical violin. Her highly personal – even extreme – interpretations of the great classics leave no one indifferent and fascinate the public, which adores her generosity and commitment on the concert platform, her taste for new musical creations and pieces from off the beaten track…


Fascinating, Miklats. Ive really seen a major shift in Classical musical presentation in recent years, it’s like it’s reinvented itself to become far more appealing and almost sexy and alluring somehow.

When I was young(er) it was the norm to have the composer and piece as main draw the soloist and/or conductor as close second, now it’s definitely reversed with the players and conductors being the main attraction. And these new Avant Garde Classical crossover albums are really interesting too. Leading us to try out the more well known 20th century composers. Really interesting.

(Dick Vliek) #164


Ambitious album from Romano, whose previous few solo outings were more or less straight (and great!) 70s country pastiches. Bit of a Rundgren vibe on this album as it jerks from one pop confection to another. DR has a real gift for vocal melody. Nice to see him changing up.

(DevinDahlgren) #166

Haha! @Sallah_48, I literally just started playing this Lord Huron album after learning about the artist supporting them on their US tour. Thought while I was checking it out I’d see what was happening here…and then there was your post. Can’t comment just yet but so far it’s got my attention. The gal supporting their tour is something else, however.

(DevinDahlgren) #167

They have 3 albums but this one is my favorite.

(DevinDahlgren) #168

I’m checking this one out now. Nice!!! …and they’re from my town, Portland, OR. YES!


Looking forward to the full album release in June. Another great sounding artist from Spacebomb records.

(Mark Edwards) #170

So many great things from Oregon. Beer and Chris King bike parts to name just two. I’ve never been to the U.S. but it’s definitley one place I want to visit.


(DevinDahlgren) #172

Yes. The beer! I have four breweries within walking distance of my house.

(DevinDahlgren) #173

Here’s one I missed discovering last year. My girl asked if I had heard of her. I said “nope, put her on”. Turns out it’s fantastic. Down Tempo Americana with a dash of Twang. Lovely voice!


(Dick Vliek) #174


Here’s a lovely, low key, bluesy-worldsy album. A meeting of 2 kindred spirits from two continents. Really full of joy…Reminds me of that Ry Cooder/Ali Farka Touré collab.

(Henri Serton) #176


I really like this album as well, totally agree, top voice and good production.

She is another artist who is part of Spacebomb records…

Really splendid label.



Sorry Ive been a bit lax lately. Im trying to piece together albums to fill 2x 400gb cards for my DAP and it’s a long process. Am downsampling weighty tomes to 24_48 max, to maximise. Should get around 3000 hq albums on there.

Anyhow, digressing, sorry.

Onto the next…

This is pretty awesome, if you have an open mind about such things. There are purists that poopoo this sort of thing without a second thought, or listening to it at all. I love it. Anything that makes us reimagine or hear old classics in fresh light and/or brings fresh ideas to fruition is pushing music forward imho.

A very fresh look at DSOTM indeed…I really like this, mix of big band sound, avant garde, percussive, prog rock,and all with that hint of Pink Floyd to back it all up with riffs and beats and the odd melody straight from the album. Really very creative.

(Robert Kosara) #180

This is not new, even to me (though it says “New” because I just decided to buy it rather than just have it on Tidal). I love the first sentence of that review, it’s so true! There’s some good stuff on this one, in particular Sympathy for the Devil, Breaking the Law, Hellraiser, and of course Heroes.