New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?

(Dick Vliek) #141

Indeed, his first two albums are better though.

(Brett Hedges) #142

Devin - just a thanks for all the recommendations here, loving this thread and discovering new music every day. I will get my act together and also post some recommendations. Cheers.

(DevinDahlgren) #143

You’re welcome, Brett. Looking forward to your recommendations.

(DevinDahlgren) #144

Here are a couple of bands most anyone should like. Tasteful, poppy, melodic, a bit psychedelic and very good.



(DevinDahlgren) #145

@Sallah_48, you said, “several plays to yield its fruits”. If you haven’t already, I recommend giving the same treatment to the Connan Mockasin albums I posted earlier in this thread. Took me a few times and then…ohhh…yeah. He’s got some weird ideas but they work and work well. Like listening to down-tempo, trippy-funk music. My girl loves his music for good reason. So well done!



Love that Real Estate album! Will really enjoy checking out some of your other cool recommendation, cheers!

(DevinDahlgren) #148

Glad you’re diggin it @jrd1975. They have 3 albums which are all good as far as I’m concerned. Even if they don’t explore much outside of their particular sound.

(DevinDahlgren) #149

Wanna add more chill style female vocal to your library? Give these to artist a chance.


(DevinDahlgren) #150

@jrd1975 Is it just me or does Jonathan Wilson have a similar vocal sound as Adam Granduciel from The War On Drugs?

One thing for sure, his production quality is spot on. I purchased his Fanfare album a few years back in 24bit. It sounds stellar on my hifi system. The texture of all the instruments gives me the goosies.

(DevinDahlgren) #151

We haven’t got into any Dubstep/Electronic recommendations here so I’ll go first. This is Jamie xx from the band The XX. Give this tune a listen all the way through. One of my favorite songs, no matter what style, of all time. It just hits me in the heart for some reason. Only wish it was longer.


(Mark Edwards) #152

I can’t keep up, too many great recommendations, not enough time :exploding_head::smile:

(Brett Hedges) #153

Amazing collaboration between legends, awesome dub sound… crosses genres, try it even if you don’t like dub, it’s pretty soulful in its own way


You have a point there! They do sound a tad alike.

I have all his albums and saw him support Wilco a few years back which was a great gig. Production is very good and a shining example to how to not give in to the loudness wars!

I also really like Karen Elson’s album which he produced as well.



A fine album. Earnest, melodic, quite genre defying, but upbeat, americana, modern sounding but a hint of the old world here too. Heady stuff.


Yes i hear you there Mark. Never had it so good!

(Mark Edwards) #158

Awesome, I didn’t know they had a new album out. Looking forward to giving this a listen.


Liking the Widowspeak Devin.

Didn’t know them :slight_smile:

(Mark Edwards) #160

Hey @Sallah_48 if you like Lord Huron, you might also like Houndstooth:

Track 8 Francis, is required to be played LOUD.