New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


Super slice of modern Americana pie. Rewards repeat listens.

(Philo Melos) #243

Probably like Mandolin Orange too…




Listening to the Mandolin Orange. Lovely stuff. Straight into the “Borg” that one :-). Thanks.

Do you like that Newgrass album by Steve Martin? It’s pretty listenable.


The music on this album is hard to describe… Just give it a try, guys. Some of you might love it, others will probably hate it…:grinning:


Coincidentally, I just added this to my collection this morning. Looks interesting. Need to give it a listen :slight_smile:

(Philo Melos) #248

No, never heard the man, although he’s getting good reviews i saw on Tidal. I’ll give him a try this afternoon.



There’s a dry poignant humour to his stuff not surprisingly. I like it. Upbeat sounds though!


You might like this too… it’s a bit of americana/newgrass. I defy you not to be taken by Bad Penny :slight_smile:

(simon arnold) #252

Discovered this teenage duo from Norfolk from my slightly younger nephew. They are way older than their years not for everyone but I like it.

(Mark Edwards) #253

I’m All Ears is an amazing album from two artists that are so young, my personal favourites are “Ava” and “Donnie Darko”.

(Ged) #254

I thought your a avatar was Donnie Darko!

(Dick Vliek) #255

Yes, indeed they are

(Philo Melos) #256

Like Steve Martin! It’s the banjo that does the trick.
Missing the banjo in Mipso, although it’s not bad music at all.
But the banjo is my favorite instrument. The violin, other than in classical music which I also listen a lot, in folk I find somewhat disonating. A bit to folky perhaps.
Found Hope Dunbar on Tidal. Very unknown, but it’s taken me by suprise.

(Mark Edwards) #257

Haha, never thought of that but now that you say it.



I used to be a fan of 70s-90s electronic music. Tangerine Dream, Software, Steve Roach, et al. This takes the precedent of subtly shifting electronic soundscapes to a whole new level, with 8hrs of evolving patterns to immerse oneself into. Fascinating stuff if you have the mindset for it…(this details session 1, 4 off available, 2hrs each)


(Nicholas) #261

It’s just that what is shared - an image, no links or easy copy/paste-able text - isn’t very useful for the people on the receiving end of the share to be able to follow through on the intent (to actually listen to what has been shared).