New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?

(Mikael Ollars) #302

Sounding very much like a domesticated version of Rival Sons to me! :slight_smile:


Great, spare, intimate solo piano. One for late night…


Really enjoying this hard bop trumpet album. I can’t get enough of this sort of 60’s sound brough up to date. Great!




Quirky, modern acoustic blues. Great sense of humour in the lyrics. Sort of Alt-folk-blues if we need to pigeon-hole it :slight_smile:


Like the Foxwarren, @the_rev , thanks for sharing. Reminds me a little of Jose Gonzalez/Junip


:+1: not familiar with junip, gonna check them out…thanks @Sallah_48


Nice cool jazz modern sound… I like!! p.s. great cover of So What.


Monk’s Dreams: The Complete Compositions Of Thelonious Sphere Monk

For Jazz fans… this is a nice, well recorded love letter to Monk…Can’t beat the real thing, but rather like the Genesis Revisited albums by Steve Hackett, it’s great to hear these tunes with fresh players if only to consider checking out the
“master” versions :slight_smile:

(Anders Vinberg) #311

I used that have that but it disappeared from Tidal!

(Anders Vinberg) #312

I agree:


i love Monk’s playing. And I’m finding it a real slow burn for me to really appreciate, like 30 years and counting, and I’m just finding my feet with him, haha. Maybe on my deathbed, Ill fully understand and appreciate :slight_smile:

(Anders Vinberg) #314

Yes, a prime example of why we have to persist and avoid snap judgments.
Wonder, is this an argument for owning or streaming?
Or just an argument for the wisdom of age?


Fine modern Americana/Folk music… really jolly fine…

(Paul) #316

Trumpet or, predominantly, Saxophone :saxophone:á la Ken F? (Which I like, thanks for the intro.).

(Reader of the Internets) #317


A great album by a fantastic singer! And Sullivan Fortner is an absolutely outstanding pianist!


(Wayne Bull) #320

Fantastic album… As are his previous ones


Ive got this one in my list lined up to listen to :slight_smile: