New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?

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Lots of big sound coming out of these records!

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I’m with Sallah on this one in regards to it pushing my comfort level. She’s obviously talented with beautiful vocals, though.

I wonder what your thoughts are regarding this female pop artist. In my opinion, she follows the rules of pop with catchy beats all while staying focused on being unique.



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I tend to go through phases of genera appreciation. Right now I’m on a psych-rock based obsession. But I did go through an Americana, Folk-Rock, Alt-Country phase a few years back. Here is one that I couldn’t get enough of a few years back.

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Oooh, I like Lissie. Also, turns out she’s on Bandcamp! I just downloaded the album, it comes as 16/96 files. Pretty odd. I’ve gotten a few 16/48 and 24/96 albums from there, but this is the only 16/96 album in my entire collection.


“Contemporary Classic”

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Great posts. Thanks to all who are posting here! Im off for a week on hols abroad so Ill be unable to contribute too much, but Im adding all the unkowns above to my tidal downloads on my DAP and will be digesting it all :slight_smile:

And a Happy Easter to All!

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The project of Daniel Cardoso from Anathema.



Thanks ref the Jochen Neuffer. Is that on tidal? Am camping now, can’t check it out, but I do like the sound of a big band :slight_smile:


Yes, Neuffer’s album “Augmented Reality” is available on Tidal. Enjoy your camping trip!


thanks :-), Slumming it without tidal or roon, lol. only about 2000 albums on memory cards :slight_smile:

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Courage, brother. Courage.

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@Brian brought this album to my attention, in this thread, a long time ago.
I have been educating myself on Esbjörn Svensson Trio’s entire oeuvre ever since. It’s fantastic stuff. And Leucocyte is the greatest. And the last session.


Not long to go now…over half way! :slight_smile: