New Matrix Audio mini-i 4 and mini-i Pro 4 Streamers

That was my thought exactly.
But at the same time you can sort of see why companies do this as Roon are working through a backlog.
No easy solution here until Roon catch up with the certification backlog

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I know some of these companies were reticent to freeze part of their code (and, thus submit it to Roon for cert) until certain things were done. This likely pushed their own submissions to Roon back even further.

mini-i 4 soon TBA? It’s listed here!

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Not quite yet as I got one 2 day’s ago and updated it thinking it was about to happen.
The latest firmware 1.0.7 is showing up as Roon Ready but still uncertified, so possibly waiting for the Room side change.

Wonderful device and working nicely through a Pi Via USB and also through WIIM Pro Plus.

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So the mini-i 4 is Roon Ready and the mini-i Pro 4 not yet? Odd that Roon didn’t certify both at the same time.

The Mini-i 4) not been certified inside Roon yet, but I thought it strange that the Pro is not in the same place.

Really pleased with the mini-4 (excluding the not quite RR) so far and keeping the Mini-i Pro 3 to move to another room so it’s a win win for me :grin:

Been waiting for this before upgrading…now need to decide what to do with pro 3!

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I have both and and I will say the mini-i 4 sounds great as a pre Amp (I had the mini-i 3 Pro since the day after it was Roon Ready).

The HDMI EARC functionality is great and I have it plugged into my TV, but I was disappointed that there is no remote supplied but it does work with the MARemote app so that is something.

I will also be keeping the Pro 3 as well

Someone said earlier that you could buy the remote from Aliexpress?
Might be worth looking into Michael.

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Yes I already had a little look and will think about it. But it is required less than the Mini-i Pro 3 because of working with the MARemote app

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You can purchase the mini-i 4 remote directly from Matrix Audio. You just have to email them before so they enable it for purchase in the USA and EU. That’s what I did when I got the RM4 for my X-SABRE 3.


Matrix posted on socials the mini i4 hit roon ready. Is it working for anyone? They said to update the core and wait. I updated yesterday.

I am away for a couple of days but it wasn’t showing as certified yesterday morning before I left.
It is set to reboot Sunday morning at 5 AM, so when I get home tomorrow I will check again and let you know.
I am very hopeful :+1:

There was a Firmware update to 1.0.7 which seemed to bring Roon Ready so it looks like it is just awaiting for the Roon update push which may well come with the reboot

I keep wondering what to replace my powernode with. Would a matrix i3, not pro, and a power amp work do you think?
If you can think after an all night poker game :sweat_smile:

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Playing poker now (but can pretend to multi task) and using 2 Mini-i 3 and 4 with Poweramps and it’s a big improvement over the PowerNode I have in a different room

If you can get a mini-i 3 second hand I think it would be a good device at a good price

Just got home and restarted eveything and still showing uncertified (mini-i 4)

My guess is Roon has not pushed out the server side update yet.

Any comment @support @benjamin @vova @daniel

I can now confirm after a reboot again this morning the Mini-i 4 is fully Roon Ready and working very nicely. PCM to 768 and DSD to 512

Remember the Mini-i Pro 4 is still in certification testing so that is not yet Roon Ready


haha was so confused by what seemed to be a contradiction. “It’s fully roon ready, but it’s not yet roon ready.”

i read this three times before I figured out you were talking about “regular” vs “pro” :+1:

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Uh huh it’s not at all confusing is it :face_with_peeking_eye::thinking:

What a sudden suprise! The mini-i Pro 4 are also certified now!

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