New multichannel DAC from OktoResearch coming up - DAC8 PRO

(Rémi) #1

Looks promising, with price point <1000€, 8 channel, balanced outputs, volume control, a contender to the 3500$+ Exasound E38.

There is a thread on diyaudio where the designers are active.
AudioScienceReview just measured it as the DAC with the best SINAD ever!

I hope to get one for testing in a month or so, let’s see how it goes against my Exasound E28…

(Hugo) #2

Keen to hear your review. Particularly for enabling a digital crossover. Or is your use for surround sound?

(Ged) #3

As the stereo version has a Pi in it I wonder if it is possible to use roon?

(Rémi) #4

My main use is digital crossover 3-way stereo.

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(Rémi) #5

It uses Volumio for now, Roon Bridge can be easily installed on it, so yes. Ideal would be to have it preinstalled and certified Roon Ready, I don’t know about the cost but to me it seems a good idea commercially, given the large Roon user base.