New multichannel DAC from OktoResearch coming up - DAC8 PRO

Jeffrey thank you and everyone else for the feedback, I would not be using the 8802 for the analog connections, the analog connections are re-digitized negating any benefit from a separate DAC. The reason for the Zektor is that I would need two separate 7.1 inputs to my power amps this way I can run both the 8802 and the okto without having to switch wires around. Currently I am doing this with an oppo 205 and a parasound preamp for two channel music
Ropiee-oppo205- parasound preamp- power amp
The parasound has a bypass input that takes the left,/right output from my 8802. The parasound also handles the bass management in the analog domain, it sound great with two channel.
I can use the oppo205 for multichannel but not through roon, hence the interest in the okto. But if I have to go through all kind of digital filters and buy thousands of dollars in computer equipment I don’t think it is worth it.
I need to find an 8 channel dac with the same chip as the okto that has on board bass management that will work with roon and a raspberry pi or low powered pc.
If anyone knows of such an animal let me know.

I don’t think, that an analog bassmanagement will be better, than another AD- and DA-process.
What you’ll perhaps want is a software DSP (I don’t use HQPlayer, but is in there a way?) before ROON outputs.
But: If you’ll use DSD, then you’ll have in any case reencoding from DSD --> PCM.
If you don’t use DSD, then I’ll think that it’s easier to use HDMI (and not an external DAC like DAC8 Pro) with ROON and take some of the AVRs or AV-Pres.

For me: I’m using mostely (with the emotiva xmc-1) no bassmanagement, because my speakers are “nearly” fullrange…

Thanks for this, if I am understanding correctly I may be able to do software crossovers in HQ player but then I have to transcode dsd to pcm. Using my 8802 is out of the question, atmos and dtsx movies sound great
But multichannel and stereo music for that matter is lacking something and to sterile(digital) even when I turn off audesey, maybey it’s the AKM dacs
I am looking to mimic my stereo setup in multichannel
The oppo 205 going to an analog prepro just sounds better than anything I have ever heard, I actually sit and listen for hours without fatigue,I just can’t use it for multichannel with roon.
I may gamble on the okto and see how it sounds with out base management, my 5.1 bed is also full range for the most part and doesent distort with bass until I really crank it, it dose excite the room pretty good though, sometimes it’s not a bad thing other times it sounds horrible.
I am also looking into minidsp but again I feel putting another analog to digital conversion in the mix defeats the purpose.
Thanks for the input I have lots to think about, I wrote to Okto research to get there input as well, I haven’t heard back yet. I let the group know if I do.

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Are you able to run that headless and no keyboard?

No need for keyboard or screen. If I have to manage something, I use Remote Desktop. But for day use, I just have to switch it on.

old statement, but now I’ve ordered the Okto dac8 pro for using multichannel DSDs and so my question is:
Have I to use really HQP to send DSD to the Okto? Is the dac8 not able to use DoP with DSD64 in Roon without HQP?

It depends upon the horsepower of your Roon server. Whether you use a paid DSP program, such as Audiolense XO which I use for its outstanding multichannel capabilities, a paid service, such as the outstanding results from @Mitch_Barnett and @Home_Audio_Fidelity, or an exemplary free program, such as REW, you’ll want to measure for and use convolution filters to tailor the sound to your room. MCH convolution filters outdid my i-7 2016 era Roon server — DSD for me was all struttering. Now, I have a build of the CAPS Twenty server of @ComputerAudiophile and with convolution, I’ve soundly had DSD64 multichannel with the wonderful Oktodac8pro, which I am looking forward to putting back into service once our entertainment area remodel is complete.

Once I had the CAPS Twenty build, I did start using HQP. MCH upscaling to DSD128 sometimes worked. As I never did try Roon on its own with the new server, you should give it a try when your unit arrives. Without convolution, a lesser server would likely work.

Hope that helps. JCR

Thanks for your reply.
Because I’ve fullrange speakers and using the sub only for the LFE, I’ll try at first Roon only.
Other endpoints on my system, using upsampling to DSD 512 in Roon (but only two channels) and there isn’t a problem with the power of the server (i7 with 16 GB RAM).

It would be amazing if any Okto Dac8 pro users could confirm the following:

Computer Requirement for a multiway crossover
It seems the Okto Dac8 pro is class compliant USB DAC.
Can anyone confirm if the device will provide multi channel functionality via a RPI4 Ropieee Linux end point, or must the Dac8 pro be connected to a PC?

Software Routing
2. How is output routing control done, when one is looking to use Roon for EQ/crossovers? Is this possible or is Audiolense or similar required? Does the Okto Dac8 allow internal routing of stereo USB signals?

Traditional audio interface devices like Focusrite etc are supplied with routing software, with the Okto Dac8 just being a DAC, I’m trying to understand how stream to output is routed when using Roon for EQ. I.e. is this done in Roon, Asio4all, or is third party software required like Audiolense (which would defeat using Roon for EQ/crossovers).

Any help would be amazing.

Many thanks

DAC8 Pro worked for me as a multichannel Roon endpoint on a Pi3B under DietPi. It should be ok with Roopiee. Limitation: no hardware volume control with Roon, you need to use the DAC remote. Don’t do software DSP volume as some clicks can be heard when sampling rates change.
For filters you can start with Roon PEQ for testing and don’t need anything else.
Then try other solutions for filter design, most can be implemented in Roon convolution engine easily. My filters were done with Rephase.

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I’m curious about the comment on re-digitizing negating the benefits from a separate DAC.

I have a DENON X8500H with the 7.1 analog inputs. It is my understanding those analog signals are routed directly to the amps bypassing the digital circuitry, processors and Audyssey room correction.

My OPPO 205 uses its speaker setup and Bass management when connected to the 7.1 analog inputs for SACD playback.

I’ve ordered the exaSound S88 Multichannel D/A processor and currently waiting for it to arrive. I would be very disappointed to find out my understanding of the 7.1 analog process was incorrect and that I would need separate AMPs to for the S88.

Jealous :slight_smile: The only Roon Ready 8 channel streamer DAC on the market, looking forward to your review!

Have you seen the S88 review in the April edition of Stereophile by @mitr Kal Rubinson. I waited to read that prior to making the decision to get one. Sounds like a winner to me. I believe he decided to get one after reviewing it. I’m excited, can hardly wait for it to get here.

Me, too. I decided that, in my system, a black one would sound much better than the silver one I reviewed. :blush: Waiting, as you are.

Super jealous :sob:
I am nevertheless still happy of my Exasound E28, with a streamlined Windows 10 NUC as USB streamer.

Ditto, had to be the black one.

My spouse was not happy about me getting something that expensive just for myself, had to remind her of the little “arrest me red” 2 door convertible, 350 Z hot rod we bought just for her several years back. I drive the 14 year old pickup we had to have.

Sorry, a little off topic.

Hi @alec_eiffel , if you turn off CUDA offloading, can your 9700K still handle all that you listed here?

What is your CPU loading %, with CUDA offloading enabled vs disabled?

And does Okto8 support both DSD128x44.1k and DSD128x48k rates? (with auto family rate enabled in HQP)

After eight months, I’ve got my DAC8 Pro.
Now I’ve some questions in using the dac for multichannel in Roon:
At first I’ve tried to connect the dac to a SOtM Neo and only sometimes the SOtM device sees the DAC, but playing was not really successfull.
Then I tried a Windows 10 client with the Asio driver and then it seems to wok, but not in switching between PCM und DSD. Only resampling all input to DSD128 in Roon works without problems, but I want to have a native playback.

Which version of the ASIO driver are you using?

It’s the 4.67.0 asio driver version.