New Music Friday!

Now this isn’t me, I’m a follower not a leader in this regard. But I wasn’t aware of how much some people look forward to the new releases on Tidal and I presume Qobuz every Friday. It is a pleasure that might end up being slightly blunted by the fact Roon takes a little longer to make these available. But I would be interested to see what or who is being keenly anticipated for release on a Friday. That information might even be helpful to Roon. :wink:


Well, I am. There was an issue with the Arctic Monkeys album for example.

@Jim_F That’s not true. It’s entirely dependent on the labels and whether they hold off for a last minute album drop (which admittedly does cause delays getting the album / all of the tracks into Roon). Both the streaming services and Roon have mechanisms to receive metadata in advance of its release date.

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Yes, every Friday I look forward to new releases from Pro Studio Masters and also from HD Tracks.

I then (thru Roon) search Tidal to find these new titles.

I am currently listening to this new release from Paul McCartney - The 7" Singles. Enjoying it very much.

Note: When I search Paul McCartney, this album did not come up. I guess It will take a little time to filter thru. But if I search for the album title, then it comes up. Going to Pro Studio and HD Tracks every Friday helps me out.


Update: I now see the album in What’s New albums in Tidal (thru Roon). It did not take long to show up.

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