New Network, Roon IP-address?

Core Machine

Mac Pro, Nucleus+

Network Details

New Asus router, nodes, network, Ethernet

Audio Devices

Esoteric N-01xd, Nucleus+,

Description of Issue

I can not find the new Roon IP-address!

Your router should know. Log in and show the network devices or the current state of the DHCP server

I can not find Roon or Nucleus+ there:

two questions:

  1. Have you rebooted the Nucleus since installing the new router? You would need to do this so that the Nucleus will pick up a new IP address from the new router.
  2. Have you previously used the Nucleus’ Web Administration interface to set up a static IP address on the old network? If so, you need to reset the Nucleus to switch back to using the DHCP server in the new router to pick up the new address.
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How do I reset Nucleus when I am not able to Connecting to the Web Administration Interface?

Do you have any idea what your previous network‘s subnet was?

Now it’s 192.168.50.x

If it was say 192.168.1.x you could assign a laptop a static IP address like / mask Connect both directly with an ethernet cable and see if you can control the Nucleus.

The Nucleus+ had the Ip-adress : before in the Mac-network.

There you go. Get the laptop connect both and start Roon remote or a browser to the Nucleus’ address

Make sure to configure the LAN interface and maybe stop the WLAN one.

If you can’t remember the previous IP address, then you need to do this:

Should the static IP really been the cause, try to avoid this in future. The better way is always to leave it on DHCP and arrange the reservation in the router (DHCP reservation).

Setting a static IP address was a trend for a while… apparently it sounded better or something! The reality is, it (obviously) doesn’t, and only adds confusion down the road. I agree, leave DHCP set.

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Thank you, I managed to reset the old static IP-adress and Roon/Nucleus works again. :grinning:

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