New NUC install won't boot

I’ve had several NUCs with no problems.

They are a popular option in this forum, so I don’t understand what happens to your NUCs.

Maybe the supplier? Are you sure they’re not re-packaged?

Where did you buy your Nuc from?

You might consider that your network deserves further investigation?

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I dont think so. We have 35 or so well behaving network devices. If the NUC dosnt want to be part of that, so be it.

Ok - my network has 26 devices, 3 of which are NUCs. Never had any problem. So be it.

I just got my first Nuc. I am scared to death. I am a 25 year recovering Apple user.


Welcome to the real world.

The hardest part about assembling a NUC is dealing with the sub-microscopic screw that holds in the M.2.


Never mind, you will survuve. From 1987 - 2000 I was a total Apple Mac user at home and at work, then in 2000 built my first home PC which had to be Windows… I survived!

On the NUC assembly, it is a piece of cake, a simple assembly job that should hold no fears for you, Tiny M.2 screw as mentioned, is the biggest challenge, best done with a magnetised screwdriver!

Have fun - not terror!

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Assembling the NUC was really easy and as a “hardcore” Apple fan, I can say that concerning installation of the software, here too Apple is your friend. Downloading ROCK image and writing it to an USB stick with the help of the “Balena Extractor” app didn’t pose any problem. All in all I found it a fun project.

Installation of hardware no problem. I solved the issue of the tiny screw without a magnetized screwdriver by simply holding the Nuc upside down over my head.

Software installation is my fear since it will be my first time. The general consensus for the Bios update for NUC8 is to skip it.

I will be using a Mac for this process and I was under the impression I did not need a special extractor software, just double click on the Downloaded compressed software and it will open.


But you still need to write the decompressed disk image file onto the USB stick - this does not mean using the Mac Finder to copy it to the stick…

… made me roar with laughter. thank you!


I am aware I need to download Etcher for the flashing process.

I did not realize Belena extractor that you referred to is Etcher. Now you see how much I know. Lol

You just found out, that English is not my first language :flushed:. My apologies! I meant Balena Etcher ofcourse.

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Etcher will decompress if it is compressed. No need to previously decompress

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Well, the NUC is all up and running!! Thank you Roon friends for all your help and encouragement! I must give a very special thank you to @Rugby (Daniel) who fearlessly and patiently walked me through each and every step until it was setup. Yeah, I cheated and was thrown a lifeline. Thank you Daniel. PS. my mom’s famous chocolate cake recipe is on the way.


ok, my next NUC8i7 has arrived. m2.SSD and memory installed. This time I have not(yet) updated the BIOS.

But: Again “F2” does not get into any BIOS setup screen, just a blank screen. And pressing “F10” with a USB stick inserted to flash the ROCK Image, no stick address is shown just the two network-ports. Thats the same problem I had with the NUC8 which I returned last week.

I can’t really believe that Intel has shipped a whole container of broken NUC’s to Germany - so I am just lost. Has anybody got any idea what might be going on and how I could possibly get that SSD drive to appear.

Many thanks

I only Get the “Intel NUC” splashscreen, without any menu options. I checked that the RAM chip sits properly, I even changed it against another one that I still have (same specs). No change.

Actually, what is the difference between a NUC8i7BEH (which is what I have, following the Amazon-link from Roon) and the NUC8i7BEK ??

Have I got the wrong one?