New NUC install won't boot

bbrip - I really feel for you, and also think you got a problem NUC. I was an early NUC8 adopter, and I did not update the BIOS (and never have) and it all just worked. So don’t dismiss the NUC8… I just think you have been unlucky. Best wishes for success with a replacement.

NUC8i7BEH is on the supported list, it was temporarily put on the “hold off” status soon after release, but was then re-admitted into the fold. Still is on the supported list.

If I follow the Amazon-Link on the Roon Install guide, it leads me to the NUC8’s. Thats why I bought that one!

So you could say, its not only supported but actively promoted by Roon.

@Geoff_Coupe -

Someone really needs to change the install guide.

It’s no longer necessary to update the BIOS.

Now, it’s just a potential problem.

I raised it back in March, but the feeling was to keep it in the guide. @mike - any change to that policy?


Yeah, I remember that.

Unfortunately, now it has the potential to screw people up without doing any real good…

Maybe the instructions cold be rewritten to imply that updating the BIOS is something to do only if there’s a problem.

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Ok so they did update then top the 8 series then…thats good to know…probably should have checked but I do recall a lot of chatter here about the instructions being different, maybe that too is sorted.

I did my BIOS when I first got it…havent touched it 3+ years

So if I buy a Nuc8 series then I can safely update the Bios?

There is zero reason to update the BIOS, especially for ROCK, but have at it.

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Personally, I would err on the side of caution.

I know that since the very early days, the KB page on installing ROCK has always stated:

In order to install ROCK, you’ll need to update your NUC’s BIOS to the latest version.

I believe that this is a hangover from the very early days of the introduction of the 6th generation NUCs, when a problem with the voltage regulation circuitry meant the NUC could be bricked. Intel brought out a BIOS update that had to be applied to all NUCs out in the field.

These days, I would not bother updating the BIOS unless it was absolutely necessary, and then I would wait until a BIOS update had been released for at least a couple of weeks to ensure that any installation issues had been shaken out.

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If you wanna mess you machine (like me) be invited!

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Would a NUC7 be a safer choice?

The NUC8 is the right choice. Don’t bother updating the BIOS. This NUC series works perfectly once it has been set up. It’s just a little confusing to do it with the instructions as they are. Everyone gets it done eventually. We’re here to help you if you run into problems.
I don’t understand why the current setup instructions for the NUC8 series still are not accurate. I suppose if it’s too easy it would harder to sell Nuclei (Nucleuses?).

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But you can always flash it back to an earlier version, I thought that you had a faulty NUC.

I let you know how things go, once my NUC7 has arrived

@grossmsj Hi Scott, I just ordered the Nuc8i3. I would like to take you up on your offer to help me successfully install Rock onto it. :grin:

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You got it!

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That was fast…USA based buyers are so lucky. I ordered some cables locally warehoused in Singapore on Tuesday evening and still not shown up despite being told would deliver yesterday :frowning:

these NUC’s seem to be pretty hilarious machines. Had my used NUC7, installed Rock and all went good. It was loading Library backup, but then the machine just kept loosing Ethernet connection and is unreachable every few minutes. Tried different cables, different Switch-Ports. So that one will go back as well (Its a commercial reseller who takes stuff back within 4 weeks.

I’ll stick with my NAS vor now. Its slow but at least it works. Maybe I’ll NUC around in a few weeks time again, but for now I’ve had enough.