New NUC install won't boot

Tall versus short. Dual storage versus single storage. M.2 and SATA both versus M.2 only.


Ah ok, it doesnt matter then. I got the taller one

Turn it back on and wait for the splash logo to appear then press and hold F2.

Don’t have your USB drive attached until after setting your bios to default. Don’t update the Bios

Thats what I’m doing all the time. Nothing happesn after splash screen (no F2/F7/F10 Selector on the side) it boots to an empty screen.

Yep, I know… Thats what I did. I am waiting for the BIOS setting s before doing any of the next steps. But I just cant get in…

What’s your USB keyboard? Wired or wireless with a dongle? Have you tried other USB ports on the NUC?

wired USB. I plugged it into my IMac to check, and it works. I get into the menu offering the two networks ports (F10), so it does work

Pressing F2 at the exact moment you see the splash screen not after. Do you have A USB keyboard with attached mouse connected to the NUC? Try connecting to another USB port.

Does the fact that I had used the Mem and the SSD with that other MUC last week mean, that those might have gotten compromised?

I wouldn’t think so as you are only trying to get into the NUCs Bios only. Hopefully someone else will help you further. Chances that two NUCs are bad is slim.

I found if you keep tapping F2 immediately after powering the NUC up you will get to the bios screen

@bbrip, frustrating isn’t it?

I’ve had this problem.

To see if your problem is the same, we need to try an experiment, or you can keep flailing around trying to time the F2 press. checking if your ram is seated, checking that your keyboard is alright, etc., etc.

When you get here -

Go have a coffee, tidy up the house or anything else. Leave the screen displayed.

Eventually, you will see a message that complains about a BIOS problem and asks if you want to enter BIOS or continue as is.

Pick the option that enters BIOS, go away for awhile (or continue to stare at the screen).
Eventually, you should be sent to the BIOS menus.

Thanks, I have started the process, will leave it on that blank screen and see what happens by tomorrow. Or maybe even earlier…

It can be earlier. Probably an hour will do, forget how long I waited.

Passing it forward. :smiley:

@bbrip If you are not getting F2 and if Slim’s waiting strategy doesn’t work.

You can try accessing BIOS Setup using the power button menu method:

Access the power button menu with this sequence:
Make sure the system is off, and not in Hibernate or Sleep mode.
Press the power button and hold it down for three seconds and release it. The power button
menu should display.
Tip: If the system boots to the OS after trying this procedure then you didn’t hold the button
quite long enough.
If the system simply shuts down after trying this procedure then you held the button too
long (longer than 4 seconds).
Press F2 to enter BIOS Setup.

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Yeah, I’ve been there. Didn’t work.

Still, at this point it’s worth a try. :sunglasses:

The problem, in my case, was a conflict with USB devices and the BIOS.

More on that if the OP gets into the BIOS.

I suggested something along these lines quite some time ago (5D)

Yes, I did miss that. :hushed:

So might have he perhaps