New Pearl Jam Gigaton issue

Ok so a weird one here guys.

The new Pearl Jam album - Gigaton is available on Tidal and Qobuz separately either using the ipad apps or desktop versions. However via roon it doesnt show up, even if I add it to my Tidal or Qobuz playlists they show up as empty on Roon.

Any ideas? Both my account are fully connect and can search and play all other albums, including Pearl Jams fine.

Search brings up nothing.

I was really hoping to listen to this today. Always look forward to new release Fridays. Anyway, this used to be a much bigger problem with roon. Sometimes you’d have to wait a week for the albums to show up.

What might be helpful is if the refresh was run at least twice on Fridays since that’s when the bulk of the new releases come out. Shouldn’t have to even wait a day.

Oh brilliant thanks for the replies.

I didn’t realise there was work to be done on Roons side before adding an album. Obvious though now I think of it.

Nice one chaps. Hope you are all finding things to do in this lockdown.


A little patience … maybe.

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Where are you? Not seeing it in Roon yet in the US, even when favorited in the Qobuz app.

I was able to download via Tidal , then refreshing Roon. No luck yet with Quboz


If I’m impatient I’ll go to the TIDAL app and add to my collection, then in Roon go to Settings > Services > TIDAL: Edit and click on Sync Library Now.

No need for this release.

I actually spun it a few times already. I think it’s one of their better albums of late.

I only subscribe to Qobuz. I know how to do do that, but not working today. Guess I’ll wait. If I was REALLY impatient and we weren’t under lockdown I could pop down to PJ HQ and grab a cd (they’re friends of mine) but that’s not happening for awhile.

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I am in the UK, still can’t see Gigaton by Pearl Jam in Roon with QoBuz service. Roon Nucleus+ Core, Microsoft Surface Pro Roon app, Apple iOS Roon app. Have logged out/in of QoBuz service and Setup/Services/QoBuz/sync library now. Sigh…

I still cant play it here in the UK. It’s not showing up on Qobuz at all and the Tidal version gives the “this track is currently not available” message :pensive:

C’mon Roon! Sometimes this software makes me wonder…

Tidal version is up on Roon as of yesterday. No Qobuz version yet.

@support ?


Gigaton from Qobuz still not available in Roon. I favorited the high resolution version in Qobuz on the day it came out. Have synchronized the library daily since then, but no luck.

It would be great to listen to the new releases on the day they come out. Heck, I remember going to the record store at midnight to get the new releases :~)

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Yes patience is one thing, but it is long overdue now.

Any update @support ?

Ah yes the memories of standing outside track records waiting for the store to open. Running inside and grabbing the record then sitting patiently on the bus ride home to listen to your shiny new record…

Hi everyone,

We are investigating this issue with Qobuz. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Same problem with the new “Pearl Jam” Album named “Gigaton” that was released yesterday. On Qobuz i can stream it via the app or the browser but roon won’t show it.