New Pi and tracks skipping

Just to try and make it clear now :grinning:
Lap top out of the equation

Ipad acting as the Roon Remote sending music to the Pi from the Nuclues…hope this makes sense.

So far no issues or dropouts but only been 10 minutes or so

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Hey no problem.
So if local files are fine to the Pi, then that is a good start

I don’t really see why Tidal would be an issue in that case, that suggests a possible Tidal problem, though you said you could play Tidal on the laptop directly no issue

Yes but I only did this for a short period so not conclusive

I think we missed a change in the conversation at some point, but back on track now

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You are a star Michael.
Is it just me or does the Pi sound a lot better than the lap top? Like added clarity, cleaner?/

It should not really but it depends on the software/stack in the laptop
I have always found that the Pi’s make great little streamer’s at a low cost

Ok so no dropouts so far , I know its early days but this is promising

So totally taking the lap top out may work

Steve if the laptop is only a remote it should make no difference, but who knows what else the laptop is doing at the same time. So taking it out of the equation just helps us understand what is happening.
It would be good if the laptop is turned off, so as not to create any WiFi interference

Yeah but I need it to correspond on here :grinning:
So using Roon to stream Tidal MQA now and no dropouts …fingers crossed
Definitely a cleaner sound too …definitely . I am not one to notice small changes but its quite significant I think

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Small steps but hopefully a good sign
It’s bed time foe me now, so I hope it continues to work well tomorrow.
Fingers crossed

And if it sounds better then that is a bonus :+1:t2:

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Really appreciate your help tonight Michael thank you

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No problem Steve

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OK back to square one this morning. Working so thought I would stick the HPs on to see if I get any dropouts.
This morning a lot of issues. Like unlistenable I would say.

I guess I have had great playback experience upstairs in my Office as I had the Core on my lap top on a temporary basis.
I dont know what to do now.
My first thoughts are to get an electrician to add another network switch up in my office. This would mean I have my router, and a network switch in my living room and a network switch in my office.
Or would this just bring me a host of new issues?

I am now going to use the Tidal app on its own without Roon to see if I have similar issues.

Steve that was looking promising last night. Is it dropping out for local music again or just Tidal?

Have a quick look at taking the case off the Pi to see if that is the problem
It will only take you a minute to do and the Pi is totally safe to run without a case.
If it works well you can buy a plastic case for a few £$€

The problems are when using Tidal within Roon. I have not tried local files this morning as I am also working so the music was just on to test the Pi

I have a chance to return the Pi as the lad I bought it off did say there may be issues with the Wifi.
If I take the case off I presume I will give up the chance to return it.

A better long term although more expensive solution would be to add another data point in my office. All depends on cost

Steve yes there are many ways to do that and Ethernet drop is the most reliable.
Metal cases are known to kill WiFi signal strength and quality which is why most of the Pi solutions come in acrylic cases and look ugly :wink:

I run a WiFi mesh which gives me really good WiFi around the house and Ethernet into the rooms where I need it and then that goes back over a fast backhaul and works really well for me (but it depends on many things).
Some people really like Ethernet over powerline, but I never liked that, but it is cheap and there are some that seem to be compatible with Roon (you could look at that).

Taking the case off should not stop you returning it as most of them just pop into the server case and have 4 screws or clips. It will give you an idea if your WiFi is up to it or not so that would be my first recommendation to try.

OK I will give this a go.
Its a new build house and I have had zero issues with wifi since moving in 10 months ago.
Its not just the Pi though, when i was using the lap top as the end point yesterday I was also having drop out issues.
I think Roon really does not like wireless. So maybe another data point added is the way to go.

I have removed the 4 screws but the metal case does not come off. The removal of the screws just loosens the black plastic plate on the bottom.
I am going to leave this alone now.

Steve WiFi does put a strain on Roon especially with more than one device is wireless as it shows up any underlying weakness in the infrastructure. I have 9 Sonos endpoints that are now all connected wirelessly (after the latest Roon release), and generally working really well (including 2 different stereo pairs), though they were only 16/44 the new updates pushed that to 24/48 and they hold up well.
I put that mostly down to the quality of the Orbi WiFi and it’s Tri band setup. The Roon core, my Synology servers are all connected in my study via Ethernet to a switch connected to the Orbi satellites and the Sonos are all Wireless around the house.

One question, you would not happen to have foil in the walls would you? a friend of mine bought a new house recently and the plasterboards were coated in a foil that destroyed the WiFi that previously worked perfectly in his previous house. He ended up putting a powerful multi room system in to fix this. We were all a bit shocked by this given that everything is done over WiFi now.

I have no idea if I have foil in the walls, that would be crazy surely.
All I know is my Wifi has worked flawlessly for nearly 10 months .
Even when I had the lap top as the Core upstairs. So by this I mean a wireless Core. My main system worked with very few issuesnand this was downstairs in the living room.
There was the occasional delay when skipping a track or starting a new album but otherwise no problems so I dont think its the wifi in my home.
Also these new builds are not big thick walls as you know, very light plasterboard.

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