New Qobuz Releases not updating

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi wired

Connected Audio Devices

Various - RoPieee mainly

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The new releases section of Qobuz is only showing old stuff in a random order, and nothing from after 18th November - see screenshot. Tidal new releases appears to be fine.

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Ah yes, you may be right. I never look at the Qobuz app directly so I didn’t make the connection, and that last time I had this problem (albeit with Tidal) it was an issue with Roon.

Hopefully this will clear up after the holiday releases lull finishes.

Hi, I am experiencing the exact problem about the same time. I have Qobuz & Tidal. Qobuz had the same Neil Young album until I deleted a bunch of this that had been there forever. Tidal added somethings mid december when I signed up but nothing new is coming in. If I look at the individual pages for either of them they show new releases and new suggestions. The Roon home page is not reflecting this. I have signed in and out of both services and restarted the Roon Core. Still no love. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Help please. Thanks!

This morning on Qobuz I am now starting to see New Releases again.

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