New Releases takes you back to the top of the list after viewing an album

To recap the problem from the title: when one is in the New Releases view accessed from the home page, if one clicks to view an album in it’s album view and then one goes back to the New Releases page, it always take you back to the top of the list vs the place you clicked on the album from. Super annoying and makes it a real slog to check out new release having to scroll back down to where you were on the page.

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Hi, this is a known issue effecting different areas of Roon, which Roon are working to resolve for a future update.

More info in this topic (inc. a temp workaround which might help):

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This has allways been a problem, reported several times…
When you have a large library, sort through a lot of pages, chose an album in the middle, and when finished playing, you are not returned to the section where you chose the album, but at the beginning.

V1.8 scrolls you back on top as well…