New streaming service(s) coming in 2023

I think I’d be a big fan of MQA, if I had the right set up. For example, the MQA Radio Paradise stream sounds a lot better on the FLAC stream on my Blusound system. Just can’t get along with MQA on Tidal’s app, although Roon improves it for me. Just not enough to beat 16/44 direct from my Innuos.

On my systems to my ears! :smile:

Mac from ipad using screen share is a PITA.

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Tidal iOS app to Apple AirPod pro and AirPod Max. Tidal connect to Bluesound Node (vs Airplay).

Tidal Hi-Fi and MQA via Innuos Zen USB to Denafrips DAC. Both with Roon and InnuOS Sense software.

Tidal and Apple Music in the car.

Apple Music better every time (on SOME tracks, not all).

How about a very long usb cable, though not ideal for walking round the house.
I’ve found an old sonos connect sounds ok through my dac for standard res although the Apple implementation on sonos isn’t that pretty.

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The Radio Paradise MQA stream is very good, sounds better on my M10 via BluOS than the FLAC stream via Roon.

RP is the 4th music service I pay for.


how do you play Apple Music through the Innuos?

Apple AirPlay

So good to hear you pay for RP. Me too. :+1:

I love their MQA implementation but more than that, the music!

@woodford Edit…

Innuos recently updated its firmware/software so their streamers now support Tidal MQA. However, there are teething problems (pausing and stuttering) and when it flows I’m not convinced I get the best of MQA with my setup because I have an R-2R DAC which I don’t think supports the full MQA experience. Roon does a better job than InnuOS sense with MQA. So a full integration of Radio Paradise as a streaming service (a real internet radio) would be great to see from Roon.

I expect Innuos will soon catch up on MQA though. For sure, InnuOS sense sounds better than Roon handling native Lossless files.

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That’s not a bad idea. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Simple solutions are often the best. Just might be impractical when the fire is lit as I’ll have to run it over the floor. Hmmm :thinking:

I have a Sonos Port which supports Airplay. I only use it for multiroom AirPlay. If I connect to the Dac via coax it sounds pretty good. But no better compared with the Innuos Zen AirPlay, and not Lossless.

Lossless from my local library sounds best of all via my Innuos using Roon or InnuOS sense, so I’ll probably stick with its AirPlay for AM for convenience.

Currently, my favored solution when I’m dedicated to listening to AM (which according to Apple IS Lossless but not HiRes) is to use my Apple TV 4K via an HDMI Audio splitter, with a digital coax out to my DAC. This has the added benefit of remote control from an iOS device with full AirPlay handoff to the AppleTV. It sounds great too.

But I would much prefer it to be integrated as a streaming service in Roon.

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It will be resampling it all to 48k as that’s what the ATV supports, I doubt it will make much difference mind.

Not that I can hear. Sounds great and occasionally better than Tidal. Still, I miss Tidal’s integration with Roon and InnuOS Sense.

I still call macOS OSX as that is what I knew it as originally…. Love the graphic, I went from ATT Unix in school, to minix to Yggdrasil Linux, probably 1992-93… they can call it what they want, we’ll call it what WE want!


On the USB out of iPad subject . I have a iPad Pro 12.9 and an old iPad Mini.

I have resurrected my old Audiolab M-DAC and have run a USB cable then a camera kit to the iPad. (2 in fact one USB C , the other Lightening)

The mini on iOS 121 works the Pro on iOS 15 doesn’t .

It is then going Coax to my Naim Unity Atom HE , where it looks UGLY - no artwork just a input name …

Can I be bothered Any thoughts ?

All just feels like life before streamers and integrations whe all you could do was plug in your iPhone to a dock and use iTunes or the apps via 3.5mm out on Android. Why go back to the dark ages.


We’re in the dark ages, i’m looking for a clockwork streamer


Feeling a bit steampunk eh? :slightly_smiling_face:

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No just no power for at least 5 hrs a day :weary:, my BT headphones and an SD card substitute

I can’t plug my phone for music. I do use it a lot haha.

Can you give some example tracks? I am curious to compare.

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Try this one.

I’ll send you a few more.

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