New subscriber to Qobuz , Hi Res Missing

Roon Core Machine

Antipodes S30, S40, S60
The files on Qobuz are not showing as HiRes just CD quality. Many of the files are actually HiRes but you have to play them to find out. PITA
Qobuz problem or Roon?
Sounds like a number of new Canadian subscribers are having this problem.

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Description of Issue

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Must be the Canadian Qobuz setup still giving issues as I have the exact same Antipodes trifecta and have no problem with hires Qobuz here in the USA.

Didn’t scroll to the end to view the last post. Oops! Just in case this is helpful to someone, posting anyway!

Not sure if this is relevant to you, but within Roon there is a setting to specify the playback resolution of Qobuz files. It’s in Settings>Services>Qobuz. Click the edit button and at the bottom there is a dropdown menu for ‘streaming quality’.

Thank you. It is good to hear Roon is on top of things!

By the way I appreciated the Roon 60 day trial offer but I could not complete the registration as it needed me to supply a zip code. I was able to subscribe to Qobuz’s 30 day trial on their website.


It was fussy for me too.
I couldn’t get it to work on mobile or in Safari but I was able to add the Roon code in a different browser on desktop.
I was already on a 30 day trial but it reset to 60 days after the code.