New Tidal albums not showing up in Roon

(Chris Connaker) #73

Not having the new Dead Weather album has been bugging me all week. I’ve been using the TIDAL app just to play that album, then switching to Roon for other albums. Not convenient to say the least.

Today I tried Amarra For TIDAL and found the new Dead Weather album available like all the other new releases. It plays just fine.

Roon needs to either make an adjustment to pull in albums like this or let us know if they can’t make TIDAL exclusive albums like this available until the standard release day.

(Nick) #74

Depends what they mean by exclusive. Roon had the new single IIRC so that whetted the appetite for me.


I don’t think it has anything to do with it being exclusive, but the syncing of database bug still in effect. There is no reason new albums on Tidal shouldn’t be on Roon within the same day.

I’ve kind of given up on this. I’m sure you can look at tomorrow’s new releases and find something missing from Roon. Whatever Amarra for Tidal is using is always up to date. Too bad they currently have a terrible interface.

I also don’t understand why still takes 2 weeks. I thought both these issues were fixed but apparently there’s still a big lag.

(Chris Connaker) #76

The only reason I mention the exclusivity is that the other new releases from last week appeared on the correct day. The Dead Weather album was released to TIDAL exclusively last Friday and will be released to the world tomorrow. If it appears in Roon tomorrow that might give us an idea.


But they had same issue with new Prince album not showing up on time but there now. Would think if Amarra can get latest feeds that matches Tidal, so can Roon.

I think Dead Weather was pushed out on Tidal after the standard releases went out and Roon never synced up since. I have no idea why wouldn’t be resolved within a day. But to me, it should be within same day if all bugs worked out. Pay too much to have delays.

(Mike) #78

Hey guys, the work I mentioned above is now in full swing and we’ll let everyone know when it’s complete. It’s a big project, but when it’s complete in a few weeks, it should reduce the lag for new releases significantly.

Albums 'unavailable' in roon, but they are available directly from TIDAL

Thanks for update Mike. Must have missed that is was still a work in progress. I guess it was just fixing the set of missing albums and not the actually lag issue.


Just want to point out Dead Weather is still not there. I’m done posting in this thread until hear back from Roon that problem is solved within next few weeks.

My anger was due to thinking it was fixed and this is the best we get. It was my fault for missing Mike’s previous post that they were still working on it.


Also the new Graveyard is not there and this has been my most anticipated album of the past few months and it’s a little upsetting that a service I’m paying for doesn’t have it, same goes for the Dead Weather album… I see that Roon is working on it, but sorry I really do feel you’ve dropped the ball on this issue about it from the very start of the Roon/Tidal integration.

(Nick Baker) #82

What is the point of listing more missing albums when they have already admitted that there is a problem and it is being repaired. Is it really that much of a problem that you have to use a different system to play 1 album.

Some Tidal favorite albums not showing in Roon

Yes it is… I have a headless Mac and the Tidal iPad app does not have control for your stereo just the iPad/iPhone so it is a pain to listen to the albums I want using the website or app of Tidal on my main stereo system.

When this has been going on for months and I paid what I think is a lot of money for a service that ain’t working all that well (Tidal integration only, the Roon local library management is excellent). It’s awesome you don’t think it matters… I realize I’m venting, but I’m just disappointed is all.

(Steve) #84

I’ve noticed this on at least one album - didn’t realise it was a known issue, but it’s a bit of a shame -little issues make roon a little more frustrating.

I see the album in the tidal page of roon, but not in the roon albums section. Any idea of the fixes progress.

(iamoneagain) #85

Ok, I said I was done posting to this thread but it’s over a month since I last posted and I would like to know if any closer to getting this resolved. I’ve seen other posts of people upset they can’t play latest Tidal album that they’ve been listening to on mobil when they get home to listen on Roon.

I’ve been taking a break from listening to the latest released stuff, so hasn’t been as much of an issue with me but figured the Roon team said a fix was coming in a few weeks and month more than covers a few weeks. Thought I heard rumors of a new release coming in beginning Nov. so hoping this gets fixed then as well.

I also see lifetime membership discount of 10% is coming to end but I can’t bring myself to spend that much money with the current state of Roon. Still waiting on cache playback, 64 bit interface, HDPlayer integration, and better Tidal integration. And if the can bring HDPlayer integration where it can play ALAC files I’d be sold.

(rovinggecko) #86

Tidal tracks seem to be lagging. As an example Adele’s Hello is available for streaming on Tidal.
I’ve listened to it while mobile on the Tidal app and made the track a favorite.

Coming home I was looking forward to listening to it on my set.
But… it doesn’t exist in Roon. I’ve synched the repository etc, but no joy, no track.

That is to say, when I click ‘view all’ it does list an unavailable track. When I click on it and select play it crashes the client (both the one on my imac and the one of the ipad). I guess it did synch it from Tidal but Roon doesn’t know it yet?

(Nick) #87

It was released today. Give the guys a chance :yum:


Early days for Roon and “Hello”, but IMHO, Roon’s DBs should be syncing with TIDAL several times a day. It’s not premium to have to wait. I’m sure that the Roonies know this though.

(Nick Baker) #89

Please don’t let this forum turn into the usual negative back biting that happens on most. Its still under development, if you wanted a finished product you should have waited longer to join.

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(Roland) #90

Eh ? What an odd & curious statement.

If I buy a car, should I wait for working brakes to be fitted - perhaps sometime in the future ?!

Look at : please kindly point out where it mentions this product is in Beta & you install AND pay for it at your own risk ?

Simple, robust, basic as advertised functionality & reliability is expected when you sign-up and for some people this hasn’t been the case - and they’re perfectly entitled to complain.

(rovinggecko) #91

For me the great thing about streaming is that music is available instantly.
When I hear a new song on the radio while driving that I like, I really like (and expect) to be able to play it on my set when I get home.
Especially when the streaming service actually has it.

I share that not to bash Roon, as I really like it and have been advocating it here and elsewhere, but because I believe that for the group of listeners that like “today’s” music it is a key feature for Roon to stay current. I am with @VirusKiller that a sync several times a day would not be ’ premium’ with overnight as the minimum (song still not there by the way).
If it is too big a volume to do this for all, perhaps start with doing it for the songs that Tidal highlights on their ’ top’ lists?

So no bashing, but an observation that I expect I don’t stand alone in and as I am interested in Roons view on this, I am posting it here.

(Nick Baker) #92


Not at all a curious statement - do you think this is the final and finished version of Roon? It is a work in progress unless you don’t want any more work done on it to produce the expected upgrades and extra’s.