New Tidal albums not showing up in Roon

I found Panda Bear’s new EP Crosswords EP on the Tidal app and made it a favorite. Not only is it not showing up in Roon in my overview, I can’t find it when I search for it under the artist or album name. It’s as if it doesn’t exist.

I then noticed on Tidal’s new release page that there are several albums that are not showing up on Roon, such as Dr. Dre’s Compton, The Foreign Exchange’s Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey, and Kip Moore’s Wild Ones (Deluxe),

I have tried to use the refresh arrow, sign out and back in to my Tidal account, re-synch it, and restart the Roon app and nothing has worked.

I see the same issue with this. Must be some odd with it. I’ll try and find out.

I have cought kind of the same problem, just the other way around, an album found in Tidal from Roon, but I was not able to add it to the library. Here is the reply from Mike:

[quote=Mike]We get a download of the entire TIDAL catalog on a regular basis, and it’s run through Roon’s identification process, the same way we would for some files on your hard drive (although on a much bigger library, obviously).

We run this process regularly, but it’s not running constantly, and in the meantime TIDAL adds albums or removes albums from their catalog all the time. So, this is almost certainly stale data in our Tidal library that will be flushed out the next time we get data from them. If the album is not available on Tidal’s website or apps, it should be removed from Roon as well, and this will happen in due time.[/quote]

This could be the reason for what you have described. Of course it would be desirable if this process would be in real time. I’m confident that the great guys @Not_Roon will find an improvement over time.

Happy listening!

Mike’s response that @NOA pasted still holds true here. Because this EP is a new release, it will show up in Roon when we integrate Tidal’s latest database.

Well Monday is almost over and the new albums have still not showed up in Tidal. Seems like there’s an issue. Can you please find out if the issue is with Tidal or with you guys?

Not sure how Amarra for Tidal works, but they had all the new music on their app the same day. So that at least means some kind of feed is providing all the albums. If this delay is not an issue but part of how Roon works, I may have to drop it.

I look forward to new music Fridays and don’t want to have to wait. It would be like showing up at the record store and the album is sold out. Instead of waiting, I’d go to another record store. So as terrible as Amarra for Tidal’s interface is, at least they have the music available.

I just tried to find the album and this is my result:

TIDAL App: search for “Panda Bear”, click on the artist, shows 4 albums but NO “Crosswords EP”. Same result as TIDAL search within Roon.

When I search for “Crosswords” the album shows up in the TIDAL App but not in Roon unfortunately.

Seems to me that this new album is existing in TIDAL basically but maybe not linked to the artist correctly. Maybe a hint to follow up for the guys at Roon.


In the Tidal app it shows in the EP section.

My issue is not just with this album but the fact that several albums are not showing up. And it not like all new releases are delayed, because most of are in Roon on Friday. So then just wouldn’t even know the album even exists if didn’t find in native app. We paid for the amazing integration with Tidal but this is a big flaw.

I just saw that 1.1 is coming out today, so I’ll test when I get home. I love everything else Roon does, so it’s more of a disappointment that I’d even have to use Amarra or Tidal’s app to play the latest releases. I’d even be willing to give a day’s lag but a few days is a real issue.

So 1.1 didn’t fix the issue. I suppose the Tidal file you guys got has some issues. I’ll trust you’ll get this sorted out. I know you had the big rollout to deal with.

Hi @iamoneagain – yeah, this is a database issue, and work on our servers happens independently from the app itself.

We think we know the issue here, and we’re looking into it.

In the meantime, can you let me know what country your Tidal account is tied to, and paste a link to the Panda Bear EP on Tidal’s website?

Appreciate your patience here @iamoneagain!

Thanks for following up on this. Besides a great app, great customer service is very much appreciated.

I have a US account and the link is:

Why would an album that is playable in Tidal app/browser not be available in Roon?
e.g. We Were Here by Boy, released 21 Aug 2015

I have a German account and the link is:

That is what I was saying, it’s not just this Panda Bear album, there are several new albums that didn’t get added. Gets me worried that this is happening each Friday and Room will be continually out of sync. I’ll have to see if I can find some other examples from prior week.

I"m hoping they get a whole new file and not just trying to plug the missing holes.

So, it looks like the issue is just within the last 2 weeks with a pretty good amount of new releases missing. Not only are we missing new ones this week, but the ones from last week never showed up.

Please, please, get this fix right away. It seems to be a bigger problem than I first thought.

So US account, all these are not showing up:

From Last week:

I posted about this issue in one posting started back in May by Chris Connaker titled “TIDAL Results Different Between Roon & TIDAL App”. There is a pretty long delay between the time that new listings appear in Tidal and on Roon. Would be great to see this time lapse tighten a bit. I got an email from Tidal yesterday talking about how they now have 33 Van Morrison albums but many of them do not show up in Roon. The example I gave in the older posting was the new Steep Canyon Ranger’s CD titled “Radio” that was released yesterday. Roon has 3 songs from it listed under 3 separate album listings. But Tidal has the full album.

Hey guys – I appreciate the feedback here.

We’re aware of an issue preventing our Tidal database from upgrading regularly, like it does under normal circumstances. We’re hoping to have things fixed in the next day or two, so for now we appreciate everyone’s patience here.

We know this is frustrating guys, and we’re working to make sure that in the future, we minimize how long it takes for new Tidal releases to make it into our database. Expect an update on this soon.

Sorry for the trouble guys!

Those of us using Tidal since its inception are pretty spoiled by its wealth of great music and now we only want to access it through the best software which is Roon. We look forward to Tuesday and Friday release dates of new albums. So please take it as a compliment that we’d much rather use Roon than the poorly implemented Mac Tidal interface or their IOS App. I get soooo many dropouts on their Mac app. I think all of us appreciate your rapid response to our myriad of support questions. I’m playing the new Tidal Van Morrison playlist right now through Roon. Nice.

Any update with this issue?

@mike. any update…please, as Roon is missing a lot of the new releases right now.

I’m waiting patiently too.

To me this isn’t a delay issue since there are new albums showing up each Friday. It’s something out of sync. It would be one thing if all new releases didn’t show up for a day or two. Here, there are missing albums that have never showed up. But as said, it seems that recent issue only goes back 2 weeks.

Once fix in place, I’ll try to see if I can still find missing albums.

Only after iOS. :wink: