New Tidal albums not showing up in Roon

iOS is with Apple for approval…nothing to do but to wait. :slight_smile:

Patience, grasshopper. All things in their appropriate time. Cut he debs some slack. :wink:

Sorry,fritzg I have no idea what you are talking about?

Also mike at Roon already said should be fixed within a day or two. If not fixed by tomorrow, I hope he’ll chime in.

There was the other issue of allmusic info not showing up right away and think this will be fixed too. I have separate thread on that.

Yeah, same underlying issue, and I just confirmed that a fix is in progress now guys.

Appreciate everyone’s patience here!

Thanks Mike for the info.

Was just having a little fun. Mistook you for someone else as well. No worries.

No worries, I was just thrown off a little.

I was mostly making fun of myself. I was skewered in another thread for being impatient about the iOS version. I also mentioned this problem a while back and was told to be patient that it was a Tidal issue keeping new releases for their app.

I’m having a problem also. I added Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion to my Tidal library. It shows up on my Sooloos system, but not in Roon. The album isn’t in albums, she’s not listed in artists either. When I search within Roon, it finds the album on Tidal, but when I click on it, I get an error message saying “This album was not found.” Any ideas?

Since it’s Tuesday there are lots of new albums in Tidal. I checked the Tidal app and found new Yo La Tengo and many others that are still not on Roon. My Sonos finds ALL of the new Tidal albums and playlists so Roon still seems to be behind. Just wishing I could play this new stuff through Roon and not from the computer app or Sonos. Hoping for a fix soon.

@PRE, the new Yo La Tengo shows up in Roon with my tidal Hifi Canada account. Just finished listening to the whole it thing, it’s quite mellow and relaxed compared to their others… No new Motörhead though.

Hi Mystic. You’re right, I see it when I do a search. Thanks. But it does NOT show up when you go to Tidal on Roon and look under “what’s new”. I usually go there on the Tidal application or Sonos to find new albums.I like the feature of quickly looking at What’s New, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays which are new release dates for most labels. So something is still not right. Plus the latest Steep Canyon Rangers album “Radio” is not there. Just 3 songs showing up as 3 separate listings. Weird. Yes, no new Moorhead.

No new Beach House album. So either they’re missing completely on Roon or not in the What’s New listings. No doubt they’ll fix this soon. I’ve found this Roon gang to be the most responsive people I’ve ever dealt with. Very impressed by that. Truly they do make you feel like part of a community. I hope that can continue as they grow.

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Interesting. The Yo La Tengo is the 2nd on the list right between Destroyer and Method Man in my what’s new section.

I agree they do get things corrected as fast as they can and are very responsive to input… All the more reason I’m sure they’ll make right.

Interesting, I see Method Man and Destroyer burt no Yo La Tengo between them. I’m in the states in North Carolina so maybe it’s different list here. But it shows in the What’s New when I go directly to Tidal or on Sonos. Go figure. Meanwhile, I’m going to have an IPA, fix some dinner with my wife and enjoy some new music discoveries. Crazy how lucky we are to have all of this available to us.

Hi guys, we’ve integrated a fresh database and all of the albums mentioned in this thread are now available in Roon. Sorry for the wait and thanks everyone for your patience!


@kevin. Yes, the missing album are available in TIDAL, but we cannot add these album to our own library. The “Add to Library” will not work on the new Motorhead or Chelsea Wolfe as examples.

EDIT: I have the Motorhead, Chelsea Wolfe and new Panda Bear EP all in My Music on the TIDAL app on my phone but none show up in Roon as part of my collection. Could that be something? Maybe if I uncheck them on the phone I may be able to add? I’ve also done a restart of Roon on my Mac.

Hi @Mystic, I’m able to add these albums to my library just fine, but I’m going to follow up with you via PM to grab some logs. One minute!