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NUC10i7 ROCK 756

Hi, I have installed ROCK on a brand new Intel NUC according to the instructions but I am unable to access it from my Windows 10 file manager to upload the Codecs which I have managed to obtain. I can access ROCK’ on my browser and can see it on my wired network but am unable to connect to the Roon OS. I have spent the best part of two days trying everything to access the NUC/ROCK. I am not blaming ROON for the lack of connectivity but it is difficult having an operating system I can’t get into on the NUC to access the Data directory. I am absolutely stuck, and you advice is requested before I give up - or take a hammer to the computer. I have tried all sorts of wheezes from the internet such as allowing insecure guest access. I can see and ping ROCK from my router and can also access itfrom my Naim streamer all ready to play music and can see but not hear internet radio due to the absent codecs. Once I get it to work, I think ROON is going to be great but I’m not there yet. Help please.

Router Virgin Hub3 (ARRIS TG2492LG-85) and Windows 10 64-bit


Clive Richards

Hi @Clive_Richards ,

Welcome to the forum! Can you please try to open Windows Explorer and type in the IP Address you see in the ROCK Web UI using this format?

If that doesn’t work, I would check ensure that you connected to your network via a Private network, not a Public one, see this guide for more information.

Thanks. Unfortunately neither of those have any effect. When I try to connect to ROCK, either by clicking on its name in file manager, or by entering the IP address in the manner you suggested, all I get is “check spelling of the name. Error code 0x8000405” which seems to be a generic network connection issue code. I have turned off my Firewall. My network is Private. I can’t work out whether the problem is my computer, router settings or something I have done wrong in setting up ROCK. However, I can see ROCK from ROON remote either on my mobile or from the app on this same PC so it seems to be installed OK and I did nothing to the new NUC except adjust BIOS settings and install ROCK. Cheers

You need to enable smb access in windows. Google how to do that or search the community.

Thank you to Rohangis. Before the post was withdrawn I had done that and enabled insecure guest log ons (you can do it easier through the Local Group Policy Editor rather than edit the registry direct) but with no effect. I am still locked out. Any further ideas please?

Pleased to report it is sorted! I have no idea whether any of the software tweaks I have implemented have had an effect but the final breakthrough came when I replaced the internet switch in the network. It did not appear to be broken and is still functioning to link other kit but there was some mysterious hardware clash. Cheers all.

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