Newly released album not immediately available over Roon


It’s been the second time the newly released Taylor Swift’s album is available on Qobuz, but not to be found in Roon’s database. I noticed it was the case with folklore and now again with evermore. I guess the latter will appear in Roon in the coming days, just like it happened previously with folklore. But I was just wondering the reason for such a delay. To be honest I haven’t checked if that occurs systematically for every new release.

Anyhow, it is a bit frustrating. Fortunately, I switched to the Naim app to stream Qobuz natively. … But frankly, this is not what I’m expecting when using Roon.

Thanks for your feedback on this. I would appreciate.

Kind regards,


There’s always some delay as the streamers have to add in the metadata roon needs, bundle up all the releases and send them to roon. However, the Taylor swift extra long epoch of delay seems to have been a cock up on Qobuz’s side.