Nexus 6p Android 7.1.1 [resolved]

Roon crashes at startup on a Nexus 6p running Android 7.1.1.
Up until version 7 there was no problem.

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I’m able to reproduce this. 6p / 7.1.1.

App is very stable on my Nexus 7 tablet (6.x) but still suffers from the startup bug which launches in landscape mode with resolution feedback.

I can also reproduce. 6P running 7.1.1.

Remember that Android 7.1.1 is still a developer preview…

If I clear the app data, thr the app functions after the next launch, e.g. the first clean launch. It’ll crash again on subsequent launches again.

@Arie_van_Boxel , @Thomas_Becker , @Justin_Clark — Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the slow response. I would like to have our developers take closer look into this issue and will be contacting each of you via PM shortly, to gather some logs.


Killing the app in settings and then re-launching the app has been my fix. It’s annoying but works every time.

@Eric Any feedback on this? Not able to run Roon from my phone is far from ideal. Within a few weeks my new Google Pixel arrives which also runs Android 7.1.1.


I have the same issue running Nexus 6p and Android 7.1.1
All of my other apps run aok.

Ok, this issue seems resolved with the update from this night. So thanks!

Now, on that topic @Eric. I’m not gonna criticise you guys, but I’m a little bit surprised with the communication (or lack of) wrt this issue. Just yesterday I was asked to fill in a form, while the update from this night fixes the issue. It is also not mentioned in the changelog. Is this ‘pure luck’ or was there any kind of (internal) miscommunication?


Hey @spockfish

As far as I know, 7.1.1 is still a developer preview. We noted this issue when it was reported and reproduced it in house, but work to resolve the problem has not started yet.

If last night’s update fixed the Android issue on 7.1.1, we got lucky. When a new version of an operating system is released, we do whatever we can to ensure Roon is stable and address any issues that come up, but we are a small team. Putting resources into issues that are only present on developer preview operating systems has historically been a bad use of resources, since these issue often change or are resolved by the time the operating system’s officially released.

As a general rule, we recommend treating OS preview releases as an experiment. If things work, great, and if you find issues specific to the preview OS, feel free to give us feedback. Just understand that work specific to preview releases of operating systems is not our highest priority, so we may not address those issues as rapidly as we would a problem on an official release.

Hi @mike,

Thanks for your extensive answer. I totally get the way how you treat these kind of issues.
The reason however that I was triggered by it is that afaik Android 7.1 is the Android version delivered on Pixel devices. Furthermore I was wondering what actually the status of the issue was, hence my question to @eric.

Which makes me wonder: as the Roon community and customer base is growing, wouldn’t it be cool if we can ‘identify’ the issues over here in the forum? I’m pretty sure you guys use an issue tracker as well. I’m not suggesting to open the issue tracker for forum users over here, but merely a sub forum where identified issues are being placed, get a number, and a simple status.

This could help spotting duplicate reports, and it might relieve you guys of some work.

Again thanks for the awesome work you guys are doing!

the issue is not resolved, yes the update causes the app to work, but after exiting I cannot restart, same behaviour as before! annoying. Not something I want to pay 100$ per year for !

The issue is not resolved by the update. I agree with spockfish. this is the next Android platform, it comes on the Pixel phone. Does your app run on the new Pixel phones??

Btw Mike. Yesterday the Android 7.1.1 preview was updated ota to 7.1.1preview 2. It will be in general release in December. Roon problem persists.
Isn’t the reason that Google releases these developer builds so that folks like you can get your apps working on their latest OS before general release. If so, I don’t understand your position, that we’ll… It’s just a developer build.

Like I said, we haven’t done any work to resolve it, yet. We are tracking this issue and fully intend to resolve it. My intention was not to imply that we don’t care about issues happening on developer preview releases, just to be transparent about how we prioritize work.

For what it’s worth, as far as I know the Pixel is shipping with 7.1 and doesn’t suffer from this issue, which I’ve only heard about on the developer preview you can optionally install on the 6p.

Yup, that’s why our QA has been running the developer build on a 6p as well, tracking the issue so we can resolve it for our next planned release (this week’s build was released to enable that work).

Again, we have no intention of ignoring issues regardless of platform, and we’re proud of our record of doing whatever we can to address OS issues when they come up. I appreciate your patience @Mark_Sherman, and we look forward to working this out soon.

I’ve looked at this, and Android is lying to us… they are telling us the wrong resolution for the device on startup, and then correcting themselves 800ms later.

This is not the case in all other builds of Android. Looking for a workaround now, but really, I’m hoping they fix the “lying” before general release. There seems to already be multiple tickets added to the Android project to fix this.

Thanks Mike, I wouldn’t be impatient if I didn’t recognize the potential and the ambition of your project. Any view as to when the next release will come?

So, I have a fix for the crash, but the startup is a bit janky since the splash comes up landscape, and then the ui switches… its a bit nasty.

Still working on seeing if I can tell if Android is lying to me. This will be out with 1.3, before end of year.

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I’m not sure, but have you just give us somewhat of a release date for 1.3? :wink: