No Audio Devices Found

I was surprised to see this message when bringing up Roon.
All nodes on my power line network are functioning with sufficient bandwidth.
Clearly the server (Mac Mini) and client (Win 10) are connected.
I can connect to the web page of the Sonic Orbiter that services the main system.
I can see two Airplay nodes present and correct from the Mac Mini.

I have used Roon after the last update so I am unsure of where else to look.

Hi @PNCD ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. In order accurately evaluate what the issue could be here, I’d like to gather the following information from you. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. I see you’ve started describing your setup :+1: may I kindly ask you to please expand further on this information as seen here.

  2. Please describe your network topology and any networking gear you maybe implementing (router(s), extenders, repeaters, switches, etc).

  3. Do you currently have any active firewalls?

  4. Have you performed any Windows 10 updates recently?

The more detailed and specific you can be in regard to the above, the better :sunglasses:


Hello Eric

Roon Server (current version) running on Mac Mini (Mac OS X 10.11.6 15G1004 64bit Intel i5) 8GB RAM, 1 TB disk, 3TB USB drive containing 94,000 FLAC files organised by Genre/Album Artist/Album/
Roon Client running on Win 10 (10.0.14931 64bit) 8GB RAM, 24 GB disk and iPad Air 2 running iOS (9.3.5)
I take only production releases for Windows 10 no fast track etc
Network: LAN Devolo 1200+ powerline Internet is fibre
No internal firewalls

Playback for main device is through SonicOrbiter SE and LH Geek USB DAC.
Secondary devices are Clint Digital Odin and Freya speakers.
You have the screen-shot of audio settings.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

The simple facts are that the problem presents on both an iOS client and Win 10 client with Airplay endpoints and wired Sonic Orbiter. It may be a server-side issue on the MAC.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Hi @PNCD ---- Thank you for the feedback and the insight. Both are appreciated!

Have you tried mounting your LH GEEK USB DAC directly to your MacMini to see if the device can be seen by Roon? I’d be curious to see what happens if we remove the SonicOrbiter SE from the chain.


Why do you ask that?

  1. Roon is showing no audio devices: Sonic Orbiter connected DAC, two Airplay devices and the Win 10 client system
  2. Sonic Orbiter was available on the network and functioning normally so whether the DAC was happy or not, the Sonic Orbiter itself should have been there, no?
    I will restart everything and hope that a cold boot solves the problem for me. For Roon, you should be aware that this anomaly occurred in case others also report it - the screenshot shows Roon server functioning, Roon client functioning, the database is present but no audio devices to be found.
    Mark the case closed. I will make a new post if I am still unable to get things working over the weekend.
    Thank you, Peter
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Hi @PNCD ------ Thank you for the follow up. Please keep me updated on your progress over the weekend.