No Black friday offer for existing customers?

I can get that most of these things are to try and entice new people, but having a pop-up on every screen telling me I can get 3 months for $1 then saying I’m not actually eligible is a bit rubbish. Feels a bit of a kick in the teeth for being a loyal customer.


Even a Trial user is not eligible to the offer… So you seem to need to register a new account.

A pop up on every screen of what? Where are these ads coming from?

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How long is your trail ?

No Black friday offer for existing customers?

How about purchasing the lifetime option before it won’t be available anymore :joy:

I never regretted doing so at $499.


I don’t believe Roon has ever discounted the software for black Friday. They did do a discount on some refubished Nucleus models a year or 2 back. That’s all I’m aware of.

My subscription ended last month and I recieved an email with this offer. No word that you have to be a new subscriber, not even after the first log in…that’s not the way to get custumers back. now I’m thinking about using audirvana studio…


The terms and conditions state quite clearly that you do have to be a new customer. That’s what this thread is also saying…


Then show me in the email I recieved and the process until payment WHERE it was CLEARLY said you’ll have to be a new custumer.
And where’s the sense in sending emails with the words 'Since you last tried Roon, we’ve made some huge changes that people are raving about and we think you’ll love them too! In our most recent update, Roon 1.8 brings together a visually stunning new interface, sophisticated music discovery, and deeper personalization - all driven by our community of experts. We’ve also introduced hundreds of new features and improvements along the way, too. Try Roon again for just $1 for 3 months by signing into your Roon account. '…???

That’s what this thread is about!!!

And in fact, regarding to the email, this offer is a fraud!


It was five days left.

Please reply to the text that was sent in the email. Roon offerd me a 3 Month for 1 $ subscription singning in to MY account. An existing account with the email adress the offer was sent to!

There was NO WORD of being a new subscriber! Not even a link to some terms and conditions.

The offer clearly said I can give Roon ANOTHER try for 1 $ using MY existing account

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Can you actually post said email text in full ?
Thank you.

No wonder musicians get paid very little, everyone wants everything for free.

I can’t remember the quote, something like, people know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Get lifetime then you don’t have to worry.


If your sub ended last month and you did not renew, you clearly did not like Roon - I presume. What are 3 months for 1 USD going to change for you?

The terms of business clearly state you have to be a new user. As for the email, I can agree it sounds misleading.

Yeah…if you’ll get a good offer you will certainly refuse. My year subscription ended last month and I don’t know if you’re a billionaire or something. I am not! I have to take care of my money and I am not able to spend 500 Bucks just for fun. If you can, you’re a lucky guy…

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An offer was made! That’s the point!!! For example: you drove a BMW and for any reason you sold it last month…you don’t need a car ungently…and then you’ll get an offer to your email-account you have registerd @ bmw to get an M3 for 10.000 bucks less…but then the salesman later said the offer is only for people who nerver drove a BMW before. I guess you feel f****d…

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Where are the terms in THIS offer? Ask a lawyer: the terms and conditions, also every restriction the offer brings with must be clarly visible…here isn’t even a link to any terms and conditions.

All the talk here about artist payments and that the user clearly didn’t like Roon are smoke screens and have nothing to do with the claimed fact that Roon apparently sends emails to email addresses of past users, that is, to email addresses for which in the past a subscription or trial had been active, offering three months for one buck, to ‘Try Roon again’… and then, when those users try to claim this offer they’re confronted with terms&conditions which negate said offer. If this really is so, I too find the offer not only misleading, but borderline fraudulent.

For the record, I too received an email from Roon on a second email address which I once used, years ago, to try and register for a trial. This registration never was completed, and so by all means this for Roon is a new user address they have on file. And in this case the text of Roon’s offer doesn’t talk about ‘Try Roon again’, but about ‘There’s never been a better time to try Roon’.

I feel that something went wrong with this offer. I can’t believe Roon would entice past customers ‘to try again’, only to confront them in the moment of claiming the offer with terms that negate it. This can’t be right and I want to believe that this is not what Roon intended to do.