No connection to Qobuz - Unexpected Error when logging in [Update To Roon Build 1105]

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Thought it was resolved but alas. Today again no connection with Qobuz via Roon. Can play directly in Qobuz. There was a warning in Roon that there was an error in the connection, but logging in again with usersname and password has no result:

Is it Roon or Qobuz? That’s why I sent a message to Qobuz. Are more users having problems with Qobz via Roon?

Thanks for thinking along, Bert.

You can find my setup in the mentioned link.


Username or password as username? Qobuz is changing their login to require the use of your email address.

My username is my email address.
With the same username and password I can login directly in Qobuz but not via Roon.

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I am having the same issue. I would think it is a Roon issue as I can also log into Qobuz directly.

Then try clearing the cache as suggested here:

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I had to restart my Roon server and then log back into Qobuz. It is working now.


That worked for me too! Whew - “I had to restart my Roon server and then log back into Qobuz.”

Yes, Qobuz is back again. Thanks.
I compared the old cache with the new one:

It is noticeable that the Qobuz folder has disappeared (Tidal too but I don’t have an account for that) and further the folder httpccache.db
Is there a simple explanation for this result and is there an advice to do this regularly: once a…?

It really shouldn’t be a regular thing. My qobuz, for example, never disappears.


Happened here again as well (US)! With multiple reports of users with the same issue, something is definitely up with Roon/Qobuz. This never happened for years, now this is the second time in the past few weeks.

Rebooting and logging in again resolved it for now, but like was mentioned, we shouldn’t have to keep doing this.

I also can not login to Qobuz from Roon. Direct to Qobuz is fine.


Not to pile on, but I am having the issue as well. I have cleared the cache on the Roon remote (macos) and on the core (Rock) multiple times with reboots of all. One thing I have not seen mentioned is where does the auth attempt get logged? It would be nice if I could see some attempt being made. I don’t see it on the controller or the core in the normal Roon logs locations. This is getting annoying as it is a bit source of the music I listen to in Roon.

P.S. Everyone is up to date with 1.8 1021.

Edit. I lied, there is something in the log. So time to figure that out. (It had been working fine up until last week. Wish I could see the host…)
08/22 22:38:15 Warn: [qobuz] [http] error result from http request: Request canceled due to timeout

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Same here, no login problems in the 18 months I’ve been using Qobuz.

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I used to suffer from random network and login problems but set my core machine to reboot at 3 a.m. every day (about 3 years ago) and it’s been stable ever since. :crossed_fingers:t4:

The only times I have problems with Qobuz is when I have Internet problems…so no problems with Qobuz.

I did receive a message from Qobuz what to do in this case:

  1. Turn your media player off
  2. Turn off any network box connecting it to your Wi-Fi router
  3. Turn off your Wi-Fi router box, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on; when internet has been restored
  4. Turn on your network box
  5. Turn on your media player
  6. Log back into Roon
  7. Login to Qobuz with your existing credentials

I hope it will not be necessary. I’m using Qobuz/Roon from the beginning of 2019, but this is the first 2 times this problem occur.

That’s interesting as it sounds like some sort of caching issue on Qobuz’s CDN.

Outrageous. Did they indicate that they were addressing this bug, or is one supposed to do that for the foreseeable future?

My experience with Qobuz tech support is that it’s a cruel joke.


The message I’d received opens with:
Thank you for your message, we hope that you are doing well. We have contacted Roon about this issue, this should solve the problem:…and then you see the seven points.
So it looks like the solution for this bug, but not who’s the cause of it.

Still can not login to Qobuz thru Roon, have rebooted core numerous times cleared cache, no luck. Have tested and confirmed login and password with Qobuz site login.