No Discography in Artist pages!

If there is no internet connection, locally saved albums are visible only in My Albums. In Artists writes there is no access to the local library and the discography disappears from the menu. IOS applications do not start without the Internet and freezes. Fix this, otherwise the local library cannot be used without the Internet.

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Hi @Vadim_Lvov

We appreciate the feedback here. I just wanted to let you know the team is looking into this.


Hey @Vadim_Lvov,

We appreciate all the information you’ve shared and your incredible patience while we looked into this. Our team could benefit from some more clarification.

  • Could you please share a screenshot of artist details when in this state? It is important to keep in mind that only the Overview tab will be populated in the absence of an internet connection (in other words, no Discography tab, that needs an internet connection and streaming services).
  • When you’re saying that you have no internet connection, what are you referring to? Could you please confirm that you do have a local network that works, even if without internet access?
  • As for the Roon Remote app on your iOS devices, could you please describe the scenario you’re using them in?

Thanks in advance :pray: