No DSD output from Mac

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon running on Mac OSX

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Beam, Douk audio U2, Gustard X16

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Description of Issue

I run USB from my Mac to my Douk Audio U2 which outputs a I2S signal o my Gustard X16. The Douk shows PCM but NOT DSD. I am trying to find the settings in Audio to enable DSD output but can’t seem to find the right setting


System Output routes audio via the OS mixer; you need to enable Core Audio on the Mac.

Also, please show the Signal path and device settings.

The Mac isn’t seeing anything connected to USB to output to. Nothing for the converter shows up in Roon there at all. What zones are you actually playing to as it’s not going to work without the device showing up. I think your using a route that seems incompatible as Roon isn’t seeing your DAC at all via the converter. If it did it would show up as a device to enable Roon to play to.

How do I enable core audio on osx ?

Core Audio is listed; it looks like you’ve renamed it “iMac Speakers”.

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How do I get Roon to produce recognizable DSD on my system?

There are three reasons in your signal path, why can’t get DSD:

  • Headroom adjustment
  • Parametric EQ
  • AirPlay

For getting DSD (also for DoP) you can’t use any DSP and you should use an USB DAC.

The source file is PCM not DSD. Moreover, the endpoint is Airplay not Core Audio as discussed.


Thanks…I changed those settings.

I still can’t find the setting for DSD management. I am playing a DSD file from an online site, but still no recognition of the DSD


I am a noobie with Roon…can you explain in greater detail?

Many thanks

The screenshot of the signal path you posted is not a DSD file; it’s PCM. Please show the signal path of the DSD recording as output through the DAC.


My DAC (Gustard X16) is NOT showing up anywhere. It is connected to the Inca via a Douk Audio converter to the Gustard via I2S (HDMI) cable


IMAC not Inca

Please provide a link to the Douk Audio U2. My search shows this a a USB to S/PDIF converter.

Edit: You seem to have the Douk audio U2 Pro.

Incidentally, you won’t see the DAC in Roon when connected to the U2 Pro; Roon will only show the U2 Pro.

In addition, I note that this uses the XMOS chipset and requires an ASIO driver (Windows), so it is possible native DSD won’t work with your iMac. DSD over PCM (DoP) should work.

I just ci=onnected the Gustard to the Mac w, bypassing the Douk…the Gustard now shows up in Roon.

What do you mean by providing a link to the Douk?

After bypassing Douk with usb from Mac to Gustard

The manufacturer’s website page for the U2 Pro.