No DSP but enhanced not lossless to an Oppo 205

Hello I am using an Oppo 205 and I can’t get to lossless. I get enhanced even though the DSP is off. Is this because of the 5 channel output? I also use the unbalanced stereo output .

How do I post a screenshot?

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However, I believe this post should answer your question:

Thanks I’ll research

You mentioned 5 channel output, so I interpret the enhanced “Audio Distribution” item in your signal path as where the 2-channel source material is being converted to MCH. If you want bitperfect output, you’ll need to disable that — I’m guessing it’s a setting on the Oppo.

IMO, it’s all about what sounds better to you, so by all means compare the 2-channel output with the “synthesized” MCH output.

I agree - still working through the options. Thanks for the reply.