No monitoring of directories

Dear all
All of a sudden my Roon core is not monitoring anymore my directories. If I add new music I cannot find them in Roon.
What could be the reason?

You need to provide details of your system and how it is connected together.

Has anything changed or been updated recently?

The Roon Core is installed on my Synology.
I did not change anything since I started my evaluation period.
The only thing that changed is that I switched to a life time subscription.
I realized it two days ago. If I manually activate the re-reading of the directories it works.
Yesterday I added two new albums and they do not sho up this morning.

Probably this one:


Thanks a lot.
I tried and got this error message:

Der Aufgabenplaner hat eine ausgelöste Aufgabe abgeschlossen.

Aufgabe: inotify watcher limit
Start: Mon, 09 May 2022 09:59:51 GMT
Ende: Mon, 09 May 2022 09:59:52 GMT
Aktueller Status: 2 (Unterbrochen)
/run/esynoscheduler.script.11343: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token (' /run/esynoscheduler.script.11343: line 1: sh -c ‘(sleep 90 && echo 204800 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches)&’’

As I am not aware what the code is doing I cannot coorect anything.
Can you help?

I changed the inverted comma. It seems to run now.
Will report whether it watches now the directories corectly.

Just made some tests with deleting folders containg music files and readding them.
Works fine if I do this via the Synology file explorer.
If I add files via Windows (mapped directory) it does not work.
What can I do to solve that issue? Increase the max-user_watches?
Many thanks for further help!


Google for Synology inotify watch limit, there seem to be frequent issues with the limit being too low

If your max_user_watches is too low and therefore the issue, then probably yes. How many tracks are in your local Library? How many other files (PDFs, pictures, playlists, …). Make the value fairly bigger to also include future proofing.
If non of this works, please keep in mind that this is actually a Synology/DSM issue. You should start searching for a solution on their forum/support pages too.

I increased the value to 1048576.
Sometimes the directory is monitored sometimes not.
Just now I was putting two albums to my directory: one was recognized and one not.
Strange behaviour.
Difficult to handle for me.

You restarted Roon Server on the NAS after the change?

Yes several times.
Actually it is working.
Maybe a running hyper Backup job was/is the problem.
No idea about this errativ behaviour.

Nothing helps.
Sometimes it works sometimes not.
Quite an issue.
The only thing I can do is restarting the server once a day which forces Roon to scan the directories again.

So what does Synology say about your issue with their product?

Fully unclear where to search.
There are posts about “Synology inotify watch limit” but they write more about errors.
My “error” is that Roon does not watch the directories. By the way I still have installed PLEX which does it.

I can’t help you getting help from Synology support, I’m not one of their customers, sorry.

Maybe the 90 seconds wait time is too short/long? Ever tried with different values?

A completely different and maybe considerably smaller library?

Ok will try.

Exactly the same.
Still use them on my external locations as Roon mobile is not available yet :wink:

The same same? Then this might be an issue too (race condition, other system resource limits that are in need for a higher threshold too)? All good questions that Synology support might be able to answer.

Really the same same!
The answer of Synology support (as expected):

> Unfortunately, we do not provide technical support for Plex or Roon, you can contact Plex for technical support regarding this because we are only hosting the package in the NAS.
*> *
> Please kindly contact Plex via this: Contact | Plex

As well as this forum doesn’t provide technical support for Synology NAS devices and its OS.

If you ask questions about Synology NAS related issues like inotfy (software doesn’t get notifications), real-time watching big amounts of files and folders in general (tuning parameters) and potential issues if two softwares watch the same same data to take action on changes may lead to problems, how does Synology support even know about Roon and Plex?