No more wall warts, I hope

I can’t be alone in suffering the large number of “wall warts” that power Ethernet, hdmi, router, TV box, DAC and numerous other switches that work in and around my Hifi & media kit. They take up multiple main power sockets to feed a few milli-amps to feed each device, their quality is invariably poor and almost certainly mean mains noises are getting through to my expensive equipment. The birds nest of thin cheap leads is another source of exasperation when reconnecting devices.

I decided to look for a power supply that had multiple DC output channels of user variable voltage (or 5v, 9v & 12v fixed options) so that I could improve on the situations described above.

I have, so far, spent more than a few hours googling various phrases & have not found a thing that comes close other than some elaborate (& very expensive) work bench power supplies with more knobs, dials & LCD indicators than the average Christmas tree.

So, this is a plea for help, I am sure I am not the only person with this problem, if you are using such a device, or know of one (that doesn’t necessitate a mortgage), I would love to hear from you.

Thanks in anticipation.


Yeah, makes me crazy, also. Here are three choices.


Hi Paul, I recently purchased a Keces P8, which has dual outputs, so I have one output powering a 9V switch and the other powering my 19V Nucleus. You may specify voltage outputs depending on your needs. I purchased the unit from Keces USA (link here) and it was shipped to me rather quickly from Thailand. Price was $599 including shipping. Couldn’t be happier and not a mortgage killer! :yum:

Also, if you’re a masochist, you can read all the posts on this thread! Cheers!



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Thanks for your suggestions Slim, the 200Watt LPS is out of stock everywhere it seems, but I’m not in a hurry. Wired for sound is in stock and certainly a possibility. I had hoped for 6-8 outputs purely to reduce the “Wart count” but these devices may be the solution :pray:t4:

Thank Michael, a good potential candidate for the wart replacement. I’ll do some comparisons, it certainly looks a good quality device.

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Rather than buy an expensive solution that may not change anything at all. Experiment by unplugging said devices one at a time and see if it improves your sq. This way you can find out if it’s just one or a combination or they are all fine.

I have, after 60+ years, discovered I’m a masochist :grimacing:

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They all function “well” but my head is very unhappy about the ever increasing count of wart style PSUs. My initial aim is to find a reasonably priced PSU that will replace a few warts, if sound quality improves at the same time I’ll be delighted :thinking:

Props for the HDPlex option. I have 2 of them. They do run warm under load but also come with a great selection of cables too. 12V and 19V plus 2 electable outputs. You could always double up outputs to devices with the same voltage and lower current totals than the output needed. Like I ran one output to 2 FMC for an optical LAN connection/isolated run.

The HDPLEX doesn’t appear to be in stock anywhere :frowning:

I went for this LPS through Ali Express

Merely giving it a thumbs up … have it ordered or at least notify when available. Larry has a pretty good setup for advising when stock is coming in…popular I guess in as much as it’s good and not unreasonably priced…

Before going for the $XXX LPS solution, you might consider the simpler and cheaper route of plugging all of your wall warts on a good quality filtered surge suppressor. I use these for all of the purely digital parts of my home setup (router, switches, NAS, NUC). This way, all the wall warts are neatly parked together.

For the audio-related components, all of which have their own high-quality power supplies, I use the more expensive

Yes I already have a Power Conditioner and noted a difference.(bad Hydro here). Depends on your power

Take a look at guitar effects pedal power supplies. Many have multiple fixed and variable outputs.

Yes, it’s the most likely candidate, I’m on the email notification list…& not holding my breath. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the tip, found some potential candidates :+1:t4:

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I had to wait some time for mine but I also got one of the Fanless chassis for a i7 build at some stage with the 400W HiFi power intput option.

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I believe Keces is a Taiwan company and I assume it is made in Taiwan. I’m surprised it’s shipped from Thailand.

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