No output on mac mini

I am running a mac mini with a USB DAC and an external hard drive with the media library. The library and indexing of Tidal have been perfect.

I am having issues getting audio to output properly. It works about 50% of the time. Not sure if my setting are properly arranged. Sometimes when I play an album, it flashes through all 12 track titles in 3 or 4 second, not outputting any sound.

Other times, I start it up and it works flawlessly

What is the likely culprit?

Hi Ron,

Someone should be able to help. I’ve moved this to Support.

We’re going to need you to tell us about your system.

Cheers, Greg

Edit: I should say mainly what type of DAC and supply screenshots of your audio settings.


My Setup so far: (just installed Roon a week ago)

Roon version 1.2
Mac Mini mid 2011
Running Headless at the stereo location
Thunderbolt RAID LaCie external Hard Drive with lossless music library plus iTunes library with MP3 collection
Tidal Subscription
USB to Maverick Audio DAC Tube Magic D1
RCA to a pair monoblock Antique Sound Lab 8 watt tube amps
Zu Audio Omens

Problem right now:

Trying to play song from Tidal - artist "Hem"album “Peace At Last”
Output is set to USB in mac prefences
Roon is set to play “system output”
I have tried 16, 24 , 32 for settings and 48, 96, 192 for Roon max output

Still no sound and the song titles click through quickly, clearly not trying to output the whole song.

Do I need a different software package for a headless mac?

I have a different DAC I could try, but I am pretty sure it is a roon or Mac setting

I CAN play some songs from my library that were mostly ripped from my CD collection in apple lossless, but not all songs are playing

Thanks for amy help you can offer.


Hey Ron,

If you go into Settings > Audio are you able to see your DAC attached to the Core and are you able to Enable it?

A screenshot of the Audio settings would be helpful.

Cheers, Greg


Here some info on how to set up your DAC.

Cheers, Greg