No sound in Exclusive Mode with Devialet 120

In the trail period with Roon. I am using a new Macbook air, i7 processor and 8gb Ram (Yoseminte OS 10.10 (Ithink)) to send to a Devialet 120 with a USB cable (Devialet AIR doesn’t work). I am really enjoying Roon - It works great - except when I enable Exclusive Mode (assuming that will be better sound) there is no sound. None of the Mute settings are on. If I disable Exclusive Mode I go right back to sound. Basically playing local files from a NAS (Lossless FLAC) and saved music on Tidal. Roon is great
Would appreciate any thoughts.

Hi Dan,

This thread had some discussion around the issue which may assist (not a Mac user myself).

The support devs will see this thread on their rounds of the forum and investigate any continuing issue.

Hi Dan

I’m using Roon into a D200 via USB on OS X 10.9 and exclusive mode works fine. Maybe it’s something with 10.10.

I’m also on an older Devialet firmware 7.1.3 which I suppose could also have a bearing. (I don’t really like the 8.x firmware).

Hope you get it sorted.

I can’t explain it but when I added a usb to spidf converter I can now utilize the Exclusive Mode - thanks for the input.
It sounds real nice.

Pleased to hear you’ve found a way to get it working. If it was Windows that would make the DAC driver the main suspect to me.