No sound output from Squeezebox Classic

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 Roon Version 1.7 (Build 571) stable (64bit)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired Ethernet LinkSys/Netgear Gigabit switches

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound Node 2 works fine
Squeezebox Classic no Audio Output. Appears to be working, will “play”, “pause” etc

Description Of Issue

No Audio output from Squeezebox Classic
If I connect the Squeezebox to LMS it works fine. if I disable LMS on the Core, enable SB support in Roon I get no audio either from the SB digital or analogue outputs. Volume on fixed or variable makes no difference.

You have to go into the setup of the squeezebox and tell it to use the the IP of the machine running Roon core.

Do you mean in the Squeezebox itself? If so then that is already done. As I mentioned it all “looks” ok. If I play a track it appears on the SB display and will show “Now Playing” or “Paused” as appropriate.

If you mean an IP address in Roon then I cannot see where to do that but havign said that everything is connected anyway, it’s just the final outputting of audio that’s the issue.

I recalled I’ve had some issues and I believe I had to factory re-set the sb3 in order to get it to work.

Thanks, it has been factory reset about 4 or 5 times now.


Any more ideas please or is Roon not going to work?

If you play a song, are you saying the song title, time played (or remaining) is counting up/down correctly, but, you hear no music? Then, the device IS receiving the signal from Roon. Hmm.

I my SB3 set for Fixed Volume and Use FLAC compression. Under Settings/Audio on the SB Classic choose the gear and then Device Setup, and try those options. Use FLAC Compression is under Advanced Settings.

Yes correct, the counter increments but no sound.

I have tried fixed/variable volume and also compression on/off all to no avail I’m afraid…

Hi again, any more thoughts on this please as I’m getting perilously close to the end of my trial?

IF the SB3 is displaying the track and incrementing the playback, then it is receiving the data from Roon. Have you double checked any output settings, including volume on the output devices.

Yes, as said I’ve done all that. I can use optical, coaxial or analogue outputs, fixed or variable volume and nothing makes any difference.

Hi Martin, I meant settings in the SB3 and on the devices that are connected to it, not the Roon settings.

Switching back and forth between outputs can be problematic on its own while diagnosing, I would suggest sticking with Enable Flac Compression, set to Fixed volume, and the Analog connections while trying to get the issue resolved.

What is the SB3 connected to via the analog connections?

BTW, I am just another user like you, and I have been using Roon with my whole house of squeexebox devices for years. FYI, I have also pinged @support as well, I am sure they can help extend the trial after the issue is resolved.

Thanks Daniel, much appreciated. Yes it is the settings on the SB3 that I am speaking about with regards to the outputs in use. there are no other settings to change there though are there? Its analogue output is fed straight into an integrated amp. The digital outputs go via a Project S2 Pre DAC first.

If I switch back to LMS (disabled when Roon is in play) then it all works fine.

@support any help please as my trial is nearly done and I’ve not been able to use/test it with this device?

Hello @Martin_Scott, could you please attempt playback through the Squeezebox one more time and reply here with a timestamp of when you do? I’d like to enable diagnostics for your accounts and gather a report for my team. Thanks!

Thanks will do.

It’s playing right now 18:00 BST, well its not but you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Stopped at 18:41 BST

Hello @Martin_Scott

I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis.

Sorry I only just saw this reply. I’ve used the system since but not tried the SB, will do that tomorrow and give you the timing too…