No support for pioneer n50a?


I have been using a pioneer n50a for over a year, with different servers (foobar, jriver, etc) and different android control apps (pioneer and bubble) and I guess the only way I can get the player (over ethernet) to play dsd, is by using the pioneer app which uses the asio driver installed on foobar.
But I was at least expecting to get 24/192 with Roon. The music files are on a WD my cloud mirror drive, connected by ethernet to the network. I have no issues using Roon, I just can’t get it to play higher than 44 16. But this is the good part: when I go to settings and audio, the n50 appears only as an airplay device and when I click the setting gears, Roon crashes. The android app also crashes under the same circumstances. Additionally, it seems like Roon likes to declare my phone the “output” device, no matter what I do, the n50a only appears as an “airplay” device. I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure it out. The only thing that makes me suspect the software is the crashing and closing whenever I try to setup the n50a. I have no problems using jriver or the twonky server (built in the nas drive), I was just attracted to the Roon way of classifying music, especially classical. Hope there is a solution but I suspect either my nas and or streamer are a problem for you.

Roon does not support DLNA so will not work with your Pioneer that way. Roon does support AirPlay so that is why it only shows as an AirPlay device. Airplay does not support hires streaming though.

Can’t explain why you are crashing sorry no idea on that part.

Here’s more detail on why Roon does not support DLNA.

The settings function was supposed to be hidden. Clicking it causes the crash. It will be removed in the next release.

More info in this thread. Especially the last post.

Cheers, Greg