No Tidal albums on remote host [Solved]

With new version 1.2 roon fails to load tidal albums on my Samsung galaxy note pro android version 5.0.2.

Hi @Lee_Bruce – have you restarted your Roon Core? If you’ve already tried that, can you let us know a little more about your setup?

Let me know the details and we’ll get this working. Sorry for the trouble here!

After restarting the Roon Core 2 times (& the app on my tablet) I was finally able to see Tidal albums on the remote (tablet). Albums rendered slowly on the Core machine until after the second restart.
I am running Windows 10 on a dedicated music pc with 32gb ram, I7 processor, solid state system drive, & an Nvidia 770 graphics card with the latest drivers.
I’ve had no similar issues with the previous version of Roon.
Thank You

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