No way to change the zone icon to the correct default

Roon Core Machine

PrimeMini4 Core-i7 8650U 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Silent Angel N8 (x2)

Connected Audio Devices

iFi Stream → USB → Ideon 3R → USB → Lyngdorf MP-40 (old)
iFi Stream → Digital Coax → Nubert nuControl 2 (new)

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I used the iFi stream via USB on a Lyngdorf MP-40. Because of that, Roon changed the zone icon that display the iFi stream to an icon that displays the MP-40. Now I use the iFi stream on another preamp, but this time with digital coax. For this reason, I can’t change the icon to the new preamp. However, I can’t change it back to the default that displays the iFi. The default icon is still the MP-40. There seems to be no way to break this connection.

Neither Roon nor any other player will see a DAC connected to a streamer via an S/PDIF (coaxial) connection. Only the endpoint is shown.

However, with USB, the DAC passes signalling information through the interface and streamer, which is why the DAC is identified.

I know, but why does Roon still use the icon of the USB DAC when it is no longer connected, and why can’t I at least change the icon back to that of the iFi stream?

This is your Roon ready streamer, so that’s what Roon will see, and therefore display as the endpoint. It’d be helpful if you shared screenshots of the respective signal paths.

It WAS my Roon ready streamer, BUT IT NO LONGER IS my Roon ready streamer.

When I first setup the iFi stream, it had the icon that can be seen in the screenshot (on the top). Then I attached it via USB to the MP-40, and it got the other icon in the screenshot (on the bottom).

Now I unattached it from the MP-40, and I configured the iFi stream to use Digital Out instead of USB (which has to be done because the iFi only supports one of them at the same time).

I then attached the iFi to a DIFFERENT PREAMP (Nubert nuControl 2). Because I now use a Melco N100 with the MP-40.

But I cannot get rid of the MP-40 icon for the iFi stream.

That’s because the “Default” icon is still the MP-40 icon and NOT THE iFi icon.

To be clear, you are using the iFi as the streamer, which is connected to your network, and the Lingdorf is connected to this using USB (and it’s no longer connected to the network)?

This configuration is one endpoint in Roon.

When you disconnect the Lyndorf (unplug USB) and configure the iFi for S/PDIF, I’d expect this to be a new endpoint under Settings > Audio.

Like Martin said try looking in “settings/audio” in roon:
Click the gear icon next to the device you want to change the icon for and select “device setup”:

Then look for the blue text next to the Icon that says either “not your device” or “identify your device”:

Click the blue text a few time until the “find your device” dialog comes up and then assign what you want from the list. This should set the “default” icon for the zone to the device icon.

If this does not get rid of the secondary icon, you may need to disable the device and/or zone then re-enable it or even reboot the core to get it to see the change?


I have several setups.

One setup is in my living room. That is the one with the MP-40. I used the iFi there. Now I bought a Melco N100 and use it there.

Another setup is in my office room at home. I used a Hifiberry there, but now I moved the iFi stream there because I no longer need it in my living room. That is why I want to change the zone icon that is attached to the iFi stream because it is no longer connected to the MP-40 (because the Melco N100 is now).

If I go to the device setup, it already shows me the correct icon THERE. But that icon is not used as the zone icon. I can disable and re-enable the device, it does not fix the problem. I can also shut down the iFi, it does not fix the problem. Restarting the server does not fix the problem. Rebooting the core does not fix the problem. I would say it’s a bug in the Roon software.

Any idea if this will be fixed?

It’s unclear if you followed the suggestions previously provided. Please share a screenshot of Settings > Audio, with all endpoints connected, and powered on.

This is a screenshot of my Settings → Audio with all endpoints connected and powered on (two screenshots because there are a lot of entries)

The device with the issue is labeled “Büro”. In that screenshot, the icon is as it should be.

However, as you can also see on the bottom right of each screenshot, this is how Roon now displays the icon (it’s the icon of the Lyngdorf MP-40), and this display can’t be changed.

Loading the defaults in the device setup normally brings back the original icon. But as you can see here, I already did that. The icon is back, but ONLY in the device setup menu. NOT in the other displays. And as you can also see, THERE IS NO MORE A LINK to the MP-40. But the icon of the MP-40 is still used. It’s stuck.

The zone icons isn’t the device icon, so I would suggest choosing and alternative icon, saving, and then coming back to that screen What do you see?

Also, did you go to device settings, and use the Identify device link?

Changing the zone icon, saving it, and then changing it again gives me the MP-40 icon as the default. There is no other device icon than that (the others are furniture etc.)

As you can see on the screenshot, if I go to the device settings, there is no “identify device“ link because Roon already correctly identified it to be an iFi Stream. But Roon does not carry that knowledge over to the zone icon options.

Not sure if you said this or not but did you try completely disconnecting the MP-40 (so it does not show up in Roon at all)?

And to make sure, does the iFi stream play music and this is just an icon issue?

Just thinking out loud here but:
I wonder if it has to do with IP addresses logged in Roon not resetting the attributes of the devices?
You might try rebooting the network with the MP-40 disconnected (and maybe try a network address release and renew of IPs to force IP reassignment)?

May need a DB reset to get it to recognize the devices? What OS is the server running on? last resort here… (make sure you have a good DB backup)

Maybe support would have a better idea of things to try?

The iFi stream works. It is just an icon issue.

I can completely turn off the MP-40 and disattach it from the network, but the issue remains.

I already did a complete DB reset, but it did not help at all, and I have no idea why.

The Roon core is running the latest version of ROCK.

I also tried giving the iFi a new IP via the router and a new device name via the iFi menu, but both does not help. This seems to be normal because Roon also easily re-identifies my two Hifiberries when I change their IPs or names. I guess Roon identifies the device via some internal hardware ID that can’t be changed.

I posted this under “support” in the hope that support would give me some suggestions.

Did you try to reinstall the OS from the ROCK webui?

This is the last idea I have (barring a fresh install of ROCK…).

I have a feeling this item is very low on supports priority list…

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No, I did not try this. Can it cause any new problems? My NUC has issues with the boot-up, so I don’t want to reboot if it is not absolutely necessary.

Then I wouldn’t given your issue is just an icon. Support will engage at some point.

I’m more curious about what issues your NUC has with boot up?