Noise during playback with SMS 200

I also have a similiar situation on an SOTM SMS 200 ultra connected to an iFi Pro iDSD, in all file formats, randomly I have intermitent noises, it’s anoyng.

The noises I am referring is like a vynil with dust, and everything it passes a dust particle produces a noise. And happens with all file formats, after some seconds then stops, then again. Sometimes have to stop the music and restart the track more than one time because is an intermitent issue.

I have a good speed on the network cable on the SOTM tested with my Mac and archive 117mb transfer from my Synology DS3615xs running roon core.

Interesting, I have the Pro iDSD also and noticed the same when I was first using RoonBridge (Allo USBridge), with Roon DSP disabled. That’s just 2 weeks ago, with mostly Tidal CD quality streaming.

I have no issues when using Roon --> HQPlayer NAA (same Allo USBridge) though and that’s how I use the Pro iDSD now, so I haven’t been in a rush to report the issue to Roon.

But seeing your post reminded me of the first few days when I was using Roon exclusively with Pro iDSD, a couple of weeks ago.

Personally I didn’t want to say it’s a Roon specific issue immediately - I didn’t test Audirvana to USBridge to get more info, because I moved quickly to HQPlayer after getting Pro iDSD.

I might test on the weekend, before I say it’s specific to Roon in my system.

I have noticed the odd one or two via usbridge on my own stuff as well as tidal

Hey @Ricardo_Ramos,

I moved your post over to it’s own thread so we can better assist you here.

May I ask that you please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you share a screenshot of the signal path playing to this device?

If you connect the iFi directly, bypassing the SOTM, do you experience the same behavior?


Hello, my ROON core runs on a synology DS3615xs with 16gb ECC ram, the router is a Asus AC5300, network cables are Audioquest Cinamon and Vodka, I have two switches the audio switch is a simple TP Link SG108 with an Sbooster power Supply, to serve the STOM and my IFI DAC, the other switch serves the rest of my home is a TP-LInk SG3424 both have is own cable connected to Asus AC5300 Router. Both switch archive a constant 117Mb transfer rate when I connect my computer to any of the cables. I think speed is not the issue here.

The 1.5mhz on the link occurs with the SOTM kernel 4.04.14 and computer by usb in Roon 1.5.339, I purchased the Roon licence recently so the only version I have used is the 1.5 not older versions. ( This issue occurs when changing from different formats or resolutions, sometimes gets stuck on 1.5mhz, and the best way to make it normal is changing to another audio resolution or format, or power off the dac and power it on)

The computer is a Mac Pro late 2013 wit 6 core xeon and 64gb of ecc ram and with the SOTM is only used to give the play command in ROON. The dac is the new iFi Pro iDSD. The SOTM is the SMS 200 Ultra 9V with the SPS500 Power Supply.

The issue I am experimenting is in this video made it right now 15:15 GMT 0 05 September 2018. It’s better explained by the video than writing because English is not my main language. this is an intermittent issue, occurs for some time and then goes away, then changing tracks or without any logical appears again.

I tested the Audirvana played by DLNA and this was not present, so is not hardware related.

I have all DSP functions disabled in Roon.

If more info is needed please simply reply.


Thank you for the details, @Ricardo_Ramos!

Does it always occur for the same tracks? Or will it sometimes be there for a track but, upon replaying, it is not there? Are there any noticeable patterns about the type of content that this occurs with?

Does this behavior occur with any other endpoints when using Roon?

If you connect the iFi Pro iDSD to the Core machine directly rather than using the SMS 200 as a bridge does the same bahvior occur?


Hello, no not with the same tracks, If I play the same track 5 minutes after this is not present.

If I use iPad to listen or iPhone the issue does not seem to be present, also on a macbook with no dac the issue is not present, could be the combination of SOTM and iFi Pro iDSD.

My Apple TV 's have to ios12 beta I did not test with them.

Thanks @Ricardo_Ramos.

Since it doesn’t occur with other endpoints, and it doesn’t always happen with the same media, that helps us narrow things down a bit here. So we can further narrow things down can you confirm how the iFi works when connected directly to the Core machine (or the MacBook remote)? Knowing if it’s limited to the comination of the SOTM and iFi or if it occurs with just the iFi will be a great data point.


15 minutes I will connect the dac directly to the computer and post feedback.

Ok, the intermittent issue directly connected the the computer is not present, so SOTM is the problem.

With the same the network cable is identical Audioquest Vodka, and the same switch.

But connected at the computer changing track formats the 1.4mhz appeared on the DAC and this one is very noisy, photo taken at 16h.51 greenwich meridian time.

I have to add that this issue is only present as a Roon endpoint with SOTM, DLNA does not have this issue.

Reported in the nick of time, I was 1 day away from pulling the trigger on a Pro iDSD. Seems like there may still be some firmware bugs.

F**K !!!

The suspense was killing me :grin: so I tested last night.

I remembered there was one setting Allo shared for DietPi for the USBridge that needed to change between Roon and Roon+HQP… and I’d forgotten about this a couple of weeks ago when using Roon alone.

Tested last night with USBridge with RoonBridge and had no pops.

No issues at my end, with RoonBridge playback or HQP NAA DSD512x48 24MHz playback.

Haven’t seen any Pro iDSD specific bugs on my unit but it could be a DAC specific issue with Riky. Hopefully not of course.

The dac has some bugs, it does not have MQA yet, this issues only happen in Roon, I like very much the pro iDSD.

iFi for sure will correct some bugs and add MQA as anounced. The SMS 200 works very well with it.

Software needs to catch up. I have mine since fist week of June, and needs a long burn in. But iFi does not support Roon, so take that into account.

I understand MQA decoding + rendering hasn’t been added yet but I haven’t seen any DAC specific bugs myself, with either Roon alone or Roon+HQPlayer.

I hope your issues get sorted.

The firmware bugs are well documented for this DAC. The last firmware release targeted some of them so my guess would be upgrade to the latest firmware and go from there.

Something very wrong there

Today I connected My iFi Micro iDSD Black and has the same issue, so two iFi DAC connected to SOtM with the same behaviour.

If it is firmware affects all iFi DAC’s.

I have to try with the xDSD tomorrow.

Something very wrong there - I had no issues with my micro iDSD BL and xDSD… and no issues with my Pro iDSD…

Do you have a Raspberry Pi to test with? Installing something like RoPieee which has a relatively up to date kernel? You’re only playing bit perfect, so not using high sample rates so the Pi would be fine for a test.

From CA Forum you know that your native DSD issue needs the SOtM kernel to be updated… that’s the solution to the native DSD static sound - it’s not a Pro iDSD firmware bug at all. You will see that the latest RoPieee version has this week patched native DSD support for Pro iDSD.

Stable release 2018/09/01 (160)

I wonder if these other issues are SOtM firmware related too… Testing with another Linux endpoint like Pi with RoPieee might help.