Noises while using the I2S input [Topping D70s DAC]

Hi. Started using the IIS input. Getting a strange noise while changing from rate to other rate.

Roon does not have an IIS input. Please provide infomation on the system, connectivity and network so that someone may be able to address the issue.

I corrected your subject from II2 input.

perhaps you should open a #support thread if you have an issue you feel you get support on.

IIs input of my topping d70s dac

While using the usb input no noise. Only while using the IIS input

you need to detail the whole chain here and formats and bitrates too. the I2S inputs on most equipment have different pin outs and not all play nicely with other I2S implementations.

Lenovo pc to ifi micro to topping d70s to hitachi amp.

Playing dsd rates. 64 to 512

doesn’t say much at all…I searched on ifi site and nothing came up for i2s