Nonsense behavior on genres

so, i notice this strange behavior:

note the artists. then, if i click on “view all 8 artists” i get:

and they are 9, and are different.
so… they are not the same. it doesn’t make any sense.

Note: in my file tags i have in some albums a genre tag Mali and Malian, both mapped on roon “Malian music” tag.

something different, but similiar, i noticed in classical music genre, see these posts:

One thing I’ve noticed:

the value of “View some number Artists” seems to stem from the number of artists who are assigned to the genre (without sub-genres) in question while the filter which gets applied when you click on that link will contain all the artists assigned to that genre and to its sub-genres (!).

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

As suggested by u_gee, can you verify whether these artists you’re seeing appear in subgenres of Malian Music?

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