Not able to play through local devices after update to Mac OS X Sonoma

Roon Core Machine

I have Roon Server version 2.0 build 1353 running on a linux server
I have Toon app on Mac os X build 1353

Connected Audio Devices

I am connected to the server via wired LAN. I have several network devices, which are working fine and Roon is able to stream to them.
The external DAC is connected via USB

Description of Issue

Until I updated to Mac OS X sonoma, everything was OK, I could stream locally on both the internal speaker and external DAC on my Mac
Since the update I cannot see local devices in the Audio section.
I tried several reboots.

Thank you

I would verify that any firewalls on the PC allows RAATserver, RoonAppliance, and Roon.

Thank You. It’s a Mac and firewall is disabled.

Local devices reappeared now without me doing anything (neither rebooting). Also a Microsoft Teams Audio device appeared. I wonder if this could have been the culprit.

Does it work now?

Yes, now it works.

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